Boyfriend and Girlfriend in Sunset Holding Hands

God Reunited Us and He Will Do The Same for You!

My boyfriend and I were dating for 3 years before one day, we broke up. We’ve been fighting a lot but loved each other so much. This was the most painful breakup ever. I believe God sent me this man 3 years ago because I’ve been praying for a godly man like him. But I’ve had a lot of turmoil in my life and issues with having peace and joy cuz of a lot of issues with my family.

One night my bf just couldn’t do this anymore. I’ve spent each day and night in prayer and asking God to bring him back and save my relationship. There were times of doubt and times of faith. There were a lot of tears and I felt like such a failure cuz I couldn’t get anything right. I spent a lot of time with God and reading His word. Week after week. I prayed to God that if He wants me and my bf to be together and that if we have a future together and it’s His will, to please bring him back.

The following 2 months were the hardest for me. But I grew stronger spiritually and one day when I went to church there, I saw him. He smiled and texted me that same night saying he was happy to see me. The following few days we kept texting and a week later we had dinner together. I was sooo happy. Then he asked me if I’d wanna try it again. I was sooo happy to hear him say that. Since then, we’ve been together again, and God heard and answered my prayer!!! THANK YOU, LORD!!!!

When I thought God was distant and not listening and was leaving me alone in my pain, in reality, God was working on my prayer. He was preparing for us to come back together. I didn’t see anything God was working out in the background! I learned to trust Him more and He will do the same for you if you have a humble repentant heart and seek Him out in prayer!!

Don’t give up! Believe that He’s already answered your prayer and wait for God to make it happen. But you do have to accept that if something you want will not happen, it’s not cuz God is holding good things from you. It’s because He knows things you don’t and is preparing better things for you. That took a while for me to realize and accept! God is good!! He loves you and want to bless you.

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