Sad husband and wife in front of home

God Restored My Marriage.

God is amazing and powerful and did amazing things in my Life.

Me and my husband, we got married at 19 years old, we’re both 19, I’m just 3 months younger than Him.

We got married April 2011 in USA, by Sept 2011 we moved to Ukraine because of some trouble he got into with some bad friends he had here so we went there to be safe, I thought by moving there he would start fresh and our marriage would go well there. But as soon as we got to Ukraine he continues his life the same way, with bad friends and almost always gone and I was always home alone except when he came to sleep and then left again.

I was very sad and praying to God for a baby at least so I won’t be lonely at home, month after month nothing happened, for 1 year and 4 months I didn’t get pregnant then I asked this prophet to pray for me and she had a vision and saw a flower in front of me which she said it means that I’ll have a baby. My heart was filled with joy.

After that a few months later I went through a terrible sickness, my kidneys were infected and got so bad I couldn’t even walk I stayed in the hospital for a week with treatment, I remember those moments I just wished to be healthy and nothing else, then God healed me. When I got home life continued the same way.

After 1 month I was pregnant. On August of 2012 I found out. My husband was still the same, always gone with the bad friends. I was very sad couldn’t eat and would just stay inside and cry but I wasn’t praying I didn’t have faith I didn’t know God back then.

Then in Oct 2012 my parents asked me to go back to USA. My husband didn’t have want me to go, He hid my green card my I went to the ambassadors and got a new one and within 2 weeks I was in USA. He was very angry with what I did and didn’t want to speak to me.

We were separated for 2 years he was in Ukraine, and I was in USA. I gave birth to my daughter in April 2013. But all these 2 years I was alone I was going to prayers like 3 times a week and fasting almost every week. I had prophecy that my husband will come back to USA which he said that he never will come back even if God commands him to come.

But God is amazing He worked in amazing way. He came back to renew his green card on February 19th with no thought to get back to me he thought he’d renew his card and go right back. And by April 1st of 2015 we were moved in back together and now we have 3 kids and God is working on me still and God is working in His heart still, he hasn’t changed completely but he is changing, and God is answering all my prayers. God is good!


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