God Provides… Part Two

Praise to our Jehovah GOD, in the name of His Holy Son Jesus.
In June, I had written a testimony of how though my husband lost his job, he kept on receiving his salary due to some legal issues proceeding with the liquidation.
This has been since February this year. My husband took on a new post last week. We will be shifting to Accra, Ghana within a couple of weeks.
This is not something I have been very happy about as I have an aged father in India.

But hear this people of God, my issues and worries have been settled by His loving hands that today I am content to go where His mighty hand sends me
My father had a successful bypass and has been proclaimed to be in excellent health by his doctors.

Education, housing and all main expenses paid by the company.
Most of all, I know that Ghana is a land chock full of believers and I have been praying for a job that will bring my husband and family to salvation. Who knows the thoughts of the God of the impossible.

I am writing this mainly for Zoe, daughterofchrist, Asian-lover, and all those who have been praying for me. I still need your prayer in my life! God bless you in all you do and your families.

Thanking God for the pure fellowship of this board. Would like to know who owns it. Is it you, Joshua?

Praise Jehovah, Praise Jesus, Praise Holy Spirit!


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