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God of Miracles

This is a long testimony but I’ll shorten it for now. I found this website when I needed encouragement for an upcoming test. I take this test tomorrow on Good Friday! I believe I am already victorious because this date wasn’t planned.

Now to my testimony, I graduated pharmacy school last year and knew I was gonna go into ministry school in August, so I had to take my national aad state exam before I go to ministry school. This left me with less time to prepare for this exam that I had invested 6-8 years of school preparing for.

The exam was 6hrs with 250 questions. By the time 3hrs was up, I had only attempted 87 questions. It looked like there was no hope. As I took a bathroom break, the Holy Spirit reminded me of the children of the Israel, the promised land and the giants that lived in the land. So in the bathroom, I said; LORD there are giants in my promised land but I trust you. Please bear in mind, I didn’t review all of the materials needed for this exam. Most people review it at least twice in order to pass the exam.

Glory to the living God, I got an 89 when I needed 75 to pass this exam! His holy name be praised.

Tomorrow on the glorious day that he gave his life freely for you and me, I am taking another exam which is supposedly harder than the one I took last year. But I know and believe nothing is hard or difficult for him. (Jeremiah 32:17, 27)

If he did it before, he will do it again cos only he can do it. If he did it for me, he’ll do it for you because he is a good, kind and loving God!


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