Praise God!

God Made A Way (Awarded A Fully Funded Scholarship)

Sometime in January 2017, I was informed about a fully funded scholarship for a masters degree in Scotland, UK. I was so excited and decided to apply for it,because i had always wanted to do my masters but did not have the needed funds.

So I started by applying for admission for my desired course.  I got a condition offer admission three times because they needed IELTS exams score as proof for my English proficiency. The time was too short to go get that so i prayed to God to make a way, then they said if i got a C in my English in WAEC, they would accept it. luckily I had a B3, and that how i got the unconditional offer to study MSc Public Health to start in January. I applied for the scholarship and believed God I would be awarded as they would just  be sponsoring 8 people out of the thousands that applied.

Unfortunately I did not get the scholarship. I cried and thanked God all the same. I deferred the admission to January even though I did not know I was going to afford the fees but I believed God did not give mt the admission after so many attests for it to just go like that.

November came and there was still no means of sponsorship and I still did not have the money(8 million Naira). I just prayed and told God that my admission expires in January and I have just less than 2 months but I believe he would make a way as he has always done in time past.

Two weeks later, I  was informed again that the scholarship was up. the application site was opened for just 4 days and they would be sponsoring just 2 people for January session. immediately i knew it was for me. I knew God had done this for me. So I applied and had FAITH that I was going to get it this time even though they would be sponsoring just 2 people all over the world.

On the 8th of December, I received a call from a UK number. the caller asked for my name and I told her, and she said

“I want to congratulate you, you got the scholarship. We would cover for your full tuition. also you would have a work placement with pay and you would also be an ambassador for the school globally.”

I was left awed for 2 days. All i did was cry. I could not believe that God jumped protocol,changed a system and created a new policy because of me. i got to find out that they have never done a scholarship for January students and the scholarship is done just once a year and it is for fresh graduates (I graduated 2014).

God moved mountains, brought down walls, performed miracle and God made a way. I don’t know how or why but I am eternally grateful. Come January, I would be a masters student studying the course of my dreams Scotland, UK.

Only because God made a way.

Join me say a big thank you to God. He deserves the Glory.


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