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God Knows What He’s Doing

Praise God and God bless you all. I hope and pray that this testimony blesses and encourages someone. At this same exact time last year, I went through a painful experience. My ex-husband and I separated. I hurt. I cried. I was angry and bitter when it all began.

Eventually God, day by day started giving me strength and day by day healing took place. We eventually divorced. I moved to a different place and God’s peace led me.

Ok, so at church we were instructed to write what we desired God to do in our lives and mix our faith with it. So, I wrote down and mixed faith. I wrote a lot down, spiritual things first. I wrote down how I want to be married and serve God with my husband. I also said reveal to me who he is and where he’s from and when you do this make sure I know for sure it’s Him. So about 4 days later a guy inboxed; he was so polite, so we exchanged numbers.

So we started conversating and he was giving me so much scripture on transformation, perfection, and how the Christian life is suppose to look, I listened. so I went to church and my pastor was teaching on the same thing he was talking about. Ok so the next day or so I went to work and a woman out of the blue speaks in tongues and interpets it. Guess what same thing the guy was sharing with me.

So, I started talking with him more and my heart connects with Him spiritually. I started feeling peace love and supernatural pure love for him we think the same things when we are on the phone. So he asked to marry me. I said yes because of the assurance that God has given me and He is also a minster. God answered my prayer. I am so in awe of the way He did it. I couldn’t contain it all at first but I’ve accepted it. Praise God for being real.