Praying Girl

God is Working Miracles

I asked God why he was not healing me and, thanks to Him, came upon this site. Have been getting really awful, frightening pappitations where I am almost fainting. I am waiting to see a cardiologist. However, I had strayed away from my faith, still praying but not really showing God the praise and gratitude he deserves from me. This affliction has drawn me back to God and my responsibilities as a child of Christ. Reading your testimonials has given me great courage to persevere with my prayers. Knowing that the healing process is gradual has given me strength. Whilst I have been praying for healing, my symptoms are not quite so severe or lasting so long, but I did not realise that God is healing me, slowly and I must stay positive to defeat the evil. I thank God for enlightening me and giving me this time to prepare for the great battle which is to come. Praise be to God and Jesus Christ. May God send his blessings to all.