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God is Within

Hello Everyone ,

Today I want to share this amazing expirience with you .

Wednesday night I went to my church service I have been attending my church for about 3 years and I have always brought my daughter with me who is only 5 years old and my greatest gift from god. These past 2 months I have been going trough a rough time I have been callling to almighty god in my life to over come my difficult times . When I left the service and picked up my daughter from church school she was very excited and happy and told me she  had fun, she has always liked going to church with me . Before I left the house I was just singing to god the first song that came in my head ” you are holy, holy … are you lord god almighty .. worthy is the lamb .. worthy is the lamb .. AMEN it turns out the choir sang the same song in the service and I felt so peaceful . There was no place I would rather be then praising almighty god. We are on our way home and were stuck in traffic so I start singing out loud in the car “you are holy, holy .. are you lord god almighty. worthy is the lamb.. worthy is the lamb.. AMEN . I look back at my daughter to see her and she is crying she is tearing up with so much emotion and I ask “Baby whats wrong why are you crying”? she looks at me and says “because I love GOD, I love him so much” I was speechless I felt his presence within her. She knows about god and I try to answer all her questions but she is only 5 and to my amazement she is full of faith already . She continued to cry and look up at the sky trough the window . She then says to me ” I wanna give JESUS a hug” 🙂 my eyes watered my heart was as tender as it could be . I told her to close her eyes and give jesus a hug and that god hears and sees everything and that he is so happy that she loves him so very much. To god be the glory. He is within us he is everywhere It made me realise that no matter what is going on in my life he is present and he loves us oh how he loves us!



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