People Sharing Christian Testimonies

Our God is Faithful, He never Sleeps nor Slumbers

I am sharing this testimony as thanksgiving to God for His faithfulness and as an encouragement to anyone who feels like waiting on God is in vain. I come from a middle income family and grew up well, exposed to the best schools in my country. We never lacked anything and we were generally a happy family. However, I was the only practising Christian. My dad, mum, two sisters and one brother had no interest in Jesus.

Ten years ago life changed when my mother retired from her very well paying job. Two of my siblings were attending high cost schools and my parents retirement house was still under construction. My father’s business was not doing well and neither my sister or myself had good jobs. We had to adjust our lifestyle and it was very hard. I was the only graduate amongst my siblings and I worried about the future of the others. God has called us to cast our burderns unto Him. I made a conscious effort to encourage myself in Him and stand in the gap for my family. It was a difficult time , struggling with school fees for my siblings, episodes of violence (two of my sisters underwent horrific rape ordeals) and my father got into an affair that caused my mother high blood pressure. Our extended family turned against us and took every opportunity to wage false accusations. I held on to my faith that God would deliver us from all trials.

Today, I can only praise God. My parents house is complete and beautiful and all that without a loan from the bank! My mother attends church without fail and I am trusting God for salvation. My father has given up his illicit affair and is trying to rebuild his relationship with my mother. One of my sisters has given her life to Christ. All of us – four children- now have a university education. My sister and I are happily married. If you had told me that this is what it would like ten years ago, I would have found it hard to believe. I am full of joy and bless God. Indeed He is faithful and all my trust is in Him. I am still believing God for the salvation of my parents and two siblings and I know I will be back here with a testimony. God bless you all.

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