Woman thanking God after car crash.

God Is Alive (Car Accident Miracle)

I just want to share a testimony with everyone. God is alive. I was recently in a car accident, my car rolled over and flew over a fence and then landed on my side but stood back on its wheels immediately. I got out of that accident without a scratch. I saw the whole thing happen and I remember saying to God.

“God please protect me, take the wheel.”

I got out and looked at how badly damaged my car was, and I did not have a scratch, not even one. God is truly alive people. He lives within us. He is with us every day, he protects us.

I needed to share this miracle with you. God is alive and he protected me. I should’ve been dead but because it was not God’s timing. I am alive and well. Praise God, He deserves the glory. Amen

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