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God Helped me with Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Depression

I’m so blessed that I have come across this site, and reading these articles, has given me hope. I currently suffer from panic attacks as well and like so many of you I agree. Panic attacks are very paralyzing. When I have them, I can’t bring myself to believe that it’s just an illusion.

The feeling of fear and the sensation of having an oncoming heart attack rushes me to the hospital. I have been there for the same complaint of having a heart attack by which the doctors keep assuring me nothing is wrong. It seems I can’t get myself to believe them. Lately I have been drinking a lot fearing of the next attack and it helps to take my mind off of the sensations in my body. However, I’m uncomfortable knowing I’m turning into an alcoholic.

I pray that the lord will continue to give me the opportunities to still take a breath everyday and by doing so each day I can live according to his will, So many people die and suffer and I need to learn to appreciate that God is the one who wakes me up everyday and that no matter the time of day to stay prayerful and know that God is in control.


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