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Despite The Storms of Life, God Held My Hand

This is my testimony born in family of four. My father was shot dead when l was at the age of 12 years and by the age of 14 years my mum was locked up and we were left in the care of relatives. Back then when we had both parents’ life was good but after the first storm life was no longer the same left in mercy of family who felt they needed to teach us the world was not of glitters.

We lived with my grandmother, but she became different since our mother was no longer providing her with a big check and gift we would be mistreated and reminded we are good for nothing children of most wanted notorious woman my mother who was behind bars. Then, they wanted us to walk with shame, fear, hate and they managed to get it. I was the second child, a photocopy of my mother’s resemblance and Wise. I could see and read between the lines which did not play in my favour.

The funny thing is despite the hate they tried to place in our hearts for my mother l never had any for her only love because l remembered how much she would help them build a house for brothers, feed the villagers, they had all money could buy. In my mother’s defense l would say she was doing it more for her family than us. She wanted good life for them from rags and poverty and she achieved it until she got caught and locked  up no one talked good of her anymore in family only us his children to cut the story short.

My life was full of bitterness, hate, swallow but in all that l found time to talk to God l would climb a tree sit on top of it and ask God for a meeting. I would tell him of my pain, anger and my expectation from him it used to make me feel good l did not turn to drugs. I turned to God as years went by. I became a quite kid who only talked when talked to. I only hung out with my younger sister. It reached a point l was told to quit school. I went to work as house helper in a family friend house since my grandmother was tired of seeing my face and needed money. So one faithful morning l was taken there at some point l thought maybe it will be ok but no it got worse.

I was expected to wake up 5am to get the kids ready for school by 10am go to restaurant and stay there until 11pm evening after go back home do chores of the house. The lady would bleed on her bedsheets, after sex with her husband, drop the towel they used to wipe themselves to floor and I would collect all and wash them at night with my own hands. I was just a kid no knowledge of diseases. But thank God l never got infected. I would sleep at 3am or 4am depending on work l would cry to sleep asking God to grant me strength and help mum to be set free.

Later I left the place one of my aunts asked me to move in with her but was 2 month’s joy until her husband raped me. I was lost, sad and l went to visit mum told her what happen she ask another sister to take me in and she was good like a mother. My mum was later set free from the death penalty, and we united together. I was damaged and she took time to teach me of forgiveness, sent me back school, and taught me the deeper meaning of God’s love.

Today, l am a graduate physiotherapist and counselling but most I use time to spread the word of God for if it was not for his grace l would not be where l am. The bible says in book of Isaiah the old is gone new things are about to come and yes when I tell you God is real. I mean it. They cursed me. God blessed me. They disgraced me. He clothed me with grace where l was rejected. He accepted me because God is Love. He loves the unloved, gives a second chance and takes away the pain.

Today I am the woman I am because of what I went through. The enemies wanted to break me but God used it to make me stronger. Today no storm can stand in my way. I am a warrior of God. My message to you is don’t give up. God is about to use your pain to his advantage. The storms and trials your facing are just a training camp and soon victory will be yours.

Those who declared our life was over have come to confess it was the beginning of our life. My mum is no longer the woman of world But of God. Today she ministers to those in prison, rejected and unwanted. I minister to those feeling like they are at the end through groups invites. All this becomes possible by God’s grace, so hold on and God will fight your battles.


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