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God Has My Back

My relationship with God became very strong during my senior year of high school. In Florida there was a test called the FCAT 2.0. There are many sections to this but the most important is the reading section. If you don’t pass it then your at danger not graduating. You were able to take the ACT or the SAT to substitute and I fell the reading section for all three. Don’t get me wrong I can read but my attention span is low and I am not the best test taker.

Towards a few months till the end of my senior year I would cry to sleep. I would pray to God over and over again to pass the test and ask him why didn’t he help me pass.  All my classmates would talk about graduation, purchasing their robes and planning graduation parties. I would never talk about graduation because I wasn’t sure.

On April of 2014 was my last chance to take the FCAT, I prayed before and after taking the test non stop. I told God I did my part in studying, using test strategies and getting a goodnight sleep lol. Test results came out a week or two before graduation and I was waiting and waiting even though my consular kept telling me to think about the GED route. I told her I am going to graduate and get a diploma. A week in half before graduation I got my results and I passed!! I had tears of joy and even though God took awhile but he was right on time.


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