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God Guiding Me (Praying for Boyfriend to Return)

First of all… All praise to Lord God Almighty.

I am in love with this boy. We studied together. We were having a deep relationship. He knows about Jesus, but not much spiritual. When we got into the relationship, I got blind in the love and didn’t share Jesus’s testimony or make him know more about Jesus as I should have.

And so, God separated us. It became so hard for me. He told me to forget him. We love each other so much. Both of us cannot hurt each other talking over phone, our breakup was also through message.

Yesterday night also I was missing him so badly. These days I got very close to Jesus. I separated more time to meditate and be with Jesus. Talk to my Lord God. That gave me strength to move ahead. Yesterday night, as I was praying, I asked Jesus, if I should continue praying for Him to return to me. I pray this way that first my boy should come to know about Jesus’s love deeply. And then our relationship should flourish more stronger than before.

I begged God to show me a sign. I tried to forget him many times, but always when I prayed, I felt God telling me ‘Pray for him’. I’ll make you both together. This separation is just for a little time, when I reunite you, it will be a bond which no force on earth can separate.’

I keep hearing this whenever I pray.

Yesterday, I asked for a sign from God and then slept.

Today morning as I got up, I checked my mobile. It had 2 missed calls from him. I called him back. He told me ‘He got his lost mobile back’. He had lost his mobile when we were in relationship. That day I had told him ‘If the God I serve is true God, then you will get back your mobile’.

I couldn’t thank God enough today. Never knew he would work this way and answer my question.

I am going to continue praying for him to come to Jesus more. God is wonderful. I was crying with happiness in the morning as Jesus answered me in the most remarkable way.


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