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God Got Me in the Program

I had just finished my A level and even though I did pass, my results were not good enough to send me into the program. I wanted to do and the career path I had planned to pursue in my life at the local university in my country. Everyone who saw my results said only top straight A students would get it and that me thinking of getting it “is impossible”. It’s a tombstone. The chances are already dead. Their words would have been true if not for GOD.

I then planned to go out of the country, and nothing really seemed to work out for me at that time, but I then fasted. I spent three continuous days no food no water day and night praying for God to help me in that situation. Around the same time God opened a door for me. He led my mum–who at the time was also praying about the same situation–to a man who helped us. Through the man we managed to get a letter asking for me to be assisted in getting into the degree program to the Vice Chancellor of the local university and around the same week when the list of names for the people who got places was published unknowingly.

My sister called me and told me I was on it. I could not believe my eyes. I was on it many with better results qualifications and met the requirements to get the place did not. I know I am the most undeserving in the program. I am in but God made me blend in and I have made a community in it and friends, and no one cares about my past. We are just moving on to the future. I have gotten two placements/internships now and life is progressing

It hasn’t been a smooth path along the way. I had times I thought I was going to fail and progress and not continue but God sailed me through I remember at one point I saw the testimonies on this page, and they motivated me. I promised God if he made me pass my exam, I was going to post mine too.

I had already received the program and was sad and angry as to why would God give me something that I wouldn’t make it in. I was doing a decisive module in my program and wrote the exam and expected an absolute bad result, but thanks to God the day of the exam I found someone who helped me with the exam questions that also came during that paper. Even though I felt like I did get a bad result, he gave me better than what I was expecting.

I am really grateful to God for everything he has done for me, and I know this testimony did not do justice for what he did during the first period and my life story during my first half of the 4 years doing the degree. I hope you know that even in impossible situations God is there I am a future engineer because of him. He is faithful. Come.

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