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God Gave Me A Job

Good day my people! Hope all of you are ok.

I write this testimony in order to glorify my God and our Lord and encourage to people to believe and trust in our God because he is almighty!

One month ago I was applying for a job in an important university here in my city. One day they called me to ask me if I was interested get the job, obviously I said yes, then they told me that they were going to send me by e-mail all the information they required to continue with the process.

When I got the e-mail, they asked for many paper documents I don’t have in order to continue with the process. So, I left it that way and I didn’r reply to the e-mail. I thought that the job was impossible to get, BUT NOT TO OUR GOD!

Two days after I got that e-mail that I didn’t reply to because they required all those documents I didn’t have and lost of hope of working in that university, my God surprised me with a miracle. I recieved a call from them asking me if I could go to an interview.

I went to the interview and to my surprise they didn’t ask me for the documents and papers they requiered to continue with the process and now I’m working in that university.


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