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God is Faithful

This year (class 12th) is a bad year for me. I stopped going to school from october. I became depressed. I was addicted to porn. I became anxious about my studies. One day I was watching a video on youtube about how to overcome anxiety. I came across a comment which states that only Jesus can save me. I was a christian from childhood but did not showed any interest in knowing GOD.

I started asking Jesus to come into my life. One day I was praying all the sins which I did from my childhood are coming into my mind. I asked GOD to forgive me naming each and every sin. I felt peaceful.

I started loving Jesus and get baptized in December.But I was still afraid of my studies. So I started blaming GOD. Later I realized that believing GOD will not give us an easy life but a life worth living. When we realize that GOD is with us in the storm we will be filled with hope.

Before finals I cried and told my parents that I will not write the physics and chemistry exams. But they put their trust in GOD and told me to write something. I just studied the day before the exam. I went to the exam hall and told myself that even if I fail now, I will try again.  I asked Jesus to help me in the exam. I prayed before the exam and GOD gave the questions in the exam paper  such that I will pass (or he lead me to study the questions such that I will pass).

Exams were completed I asked GOD to pass me in the exam every day. But my parents told me to prepare for entrance tests. But my thoughts are wandering around the exam results. I still doubted a little. I read testimonies of students here.

My parents became silent and they are not talking to me freely. I felt alone but I asked GOD to be with  me. The results day came, I was tensed and my heart is beating fast. I checked the exam results and I am shocked to see my marks. I was asking GOD for pass marks.

I PASSED all the exams and I was so shocked to see my marks 931/1000. I was expecting 830-850 but see what  GOD did! He gave me more marks than I expected. In the period between exams and results whenever I opened the bible GOD spoke to me and filled me with hope. This is a MIRACLE!!! Nothing is impossible to GOD. Praise the only true living GOD.

He will never let his children down !

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