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GOD DID IT. Favour in an Exam

Praise God, He is the almighty, the creator. Indeed he is the all powerful.

I was taken on short notice that I was going to write an exam barely 2 months before the exam date. At first I thought it wasn’t Going to be possible until the date for the exam drew nearer. The exam is the annually UTME examination taken in Nigeria. I tried my best to read and I also attended tutorial classes. But most importantly I prayed to the almighty God. The night before the exam I prayed to God.

The following day was the day of the exam I was opportune to be among the people who wrote the first batch exam. When I was in the exam hall the examination the was a bit difficult, some had wrong options. Some had two right answers. I left the hall thanking God.

The results were to be out after 2 days. But we were waiting for almost a month those periods of waiting were not easy. It was during this period I discovered this site. I also read the testimony of someone who wrote Spanish in a GCE exam it didn’t go well but God showed up on her behalf. I also wrote down some scriptures I came across.

Genesis 18 vs 14 “Is anything too hard for God”
Luke 1 vs 37 “For with God nothing will be impossible ”
Hebrews 13 vs 8 “He is the same yesterday today and forever
1 Peter 5 vs 7 “Cast all your care upon him for he cares for you”
Jeremiah 32 vs 17 “I am the Lord,the God of all the people of the World is anything too hard for me”

Don’t worry about anything, instead pray about everything, Tell God What you need and thank Him for all he has done.

I also read this book titled “The Heavenly Man” by brother Yun. The book strengthened my faith in God. The period of waiting was the hardest period ever. I made a promise to God that I will make sure my testimony reach at least 2 thousand people. And I said I will touch the Muslims in the world with my write up.

Finally, the day of the results came in. It was so wonderful indeed God never put his loved ones to shame. I scored 271 in the examination. Please anyone who knows any blog I can write to so that the message of truth can be reached out to the world, including Muslims. Please reach me.

God bless you.


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