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God Can Help You Pass Your Exams

I am currently in my final year of law school. I remember in my first year that I had failed a course and I reviewed the course but I was unsuccessful. Then I had to do the supplemental exam and again I failed the course. I just found it strange because that was the first time I felt so confused in an examination.

Anyway after failing the course, I cried and cried because I knew what happened while I was writing the examination. I did 4 questions and only 2 of my responses was correct. I can recall after writing the examination that I prayed and prayed and I asked God to help me pass but some where within I was doubting him. When my supplemental results came out I was so angry that  stopped praying to God and I stopped having because I failed despite praying to God. I said that the grade was  out so there’s nothing else to be done. I told my mom that I failed and I’ll have to redo it in my second year of law school. Of course she was disappointed in me.

About three days after the results came out I was browsing the net and I decided to check my email. I did and I saw a message from the school. They had sent the amended date to submit reviews for the supplemental examination that people failed. I was in shock because I didn’t know that I could have reviewed my paper. However, I started doubting myself and I said that maybe I shouldn’t review it because people are never successful in reviews but then there was this voice in my head telling me to do it. So I did.

Fast Forward, school reopened and I heard nothing on the review that I did. However, I saw that I was trailing the course I failed so that meant that I had to do an additional course in my second year. Moreover, the fact that they did not respond to my request for review combined with the fact that they told me that I was trailing the course I failed meant that I was not successful in my review.

Like a normal person, I carried on my life knowing that people fail. I went on knowing that I am such a disappointment to myself and God and my mother. Most nights I cried bitter tears for the failed course. I never stopped crying and promising to do better in my second and final year of law school.

Late October I received an email from my school stating that they reviewed the course and that  I passed the course I failed. How? ( I was praying for a miracle) I was expecting to fail because I answered 4 questions. I was required to answer 5 questions. Out of the 4 questions I answered, only 2 were correct and at my school I need 3 correct responses to pass. Let me tell you how I passed.

By trusting in God. I had given up hope but God  was preparing me for a miracle instead. I had accepted my failure and decided to move on and be better in my second year of law school but behind my back he was working in my life.

My brothers and sisters God is always there, he wouldn’t come through right away but he will always be right on time. He will be right on time because he does not want to see you suffer. I wouldn’t advise anyone to do what I did. Don’t doubt God. Pray and believe because only with faith you can move mountains.

I hope my testimony is a blessing onto others.

I’m currently  in my second and final year of law school and all my exams were hard, I just want to pass so like last year I’m asking God for a miracle. I don’t know what I will do if I fail. I would be ashamed and I wouldn’t want my dad to take more money from the bank to send me to school again. This is my last lap at law school and after this I’m done with school so I am praying that God hears my pray and answer them. I declare success in Jesus name.

I know that many of you have examinations around this time so I pray that God will be with you and if you’re having a hard time just pray to God for guidance during your examinations. I declare that the examinations will be in your favor and I declare success for each and everyone of you writing exams in Jesus name. Amen.


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