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God brought me through!

I am young man age 29, raised to know right from wrong. I had the love for the Lord placed in my heart from a when I was a little boy, but Satan and his ways took over my life for a short time. As a teenager I did and choice some wrong paths. But Glory be to God and am Alive in clothed in my right mind to testify about my test.

First came the demon of suicide. It was followed by the Demon of homosexuality and was all wrapped up by one of Satan’s well know tricks “street drugs”. My mind has always been on full speed, over thinking and being very hard on myself. I had a good friend come into my life, and he took his life in his own hands and ended if by suicide. I love him so much I even tried to take the path he took but God blocked it.

As a teenager I found myself walking a thin line between two lives. On of a straight teenager dating the high school cheerleader and walking around the halls flirting with girls and cutting class to hang out on the back side of the building smoking weed and drinking beer.

Then there was a side of my life where I found myself in parks giving and receiving oral sex for men. This was a very hard time in my life. I would go to bars and clubs at the age of 16 the knowing that this was a test in my life, I thought I was living having fun.

I then went to college in PA to start my formal training to become a chef. Now this is when things got a lil tricky. I was on my own in my first ever apartment at the age 17 in a whole new city all alone. I dove headfirst into the homosexual life choices. I can remember getting on the bus to ride to class and lil kids what say, “mommy look at her she has a cook’s uniform on”.

I then felt so weird, like something was wrong but just didn’t know what yet. Shortly into my stay God sent me a Angel. At the time I didn’t know why God sent this person into my life. He was dressed as a woman, had a hat on with weave falling from the sides and back, some to tight cut of jean shorts on and a t-shirt holding on to a big purse.

This person’s name was Jessy or Jessica then. He sat next to me on that bus ride home which was short LOL. I was the first stop. Later in life this person became my best friend, moved in off the street into my apartment and into my life forever.

The drugs came in at a early age also. smoking weed with my brothers and local friends in the hood (which was the suburbs). I then started to hang with as we would call the wrong crowd. I found myself bagging up crack cocaine and counting hundreds cash in the basement of a friend’s house. We would smoke weed all day and run crack to the street.

I had started drinking heavy to numb my emotions and d things I knew where wrong. I lost some friends to being murder falling sick from aids and suicide and just lost in the world of sin. As I look back, I can honestly say

“I made it by the Grace and Mercy of God.”

I sit here behind my lap top a changed man. As my life pours out on this page, I pray it is a blessing to you and others. I have been Saved and Forgiven by God. I have given my whole life back to Him to use me in any way He wills. I am clean now from drugs for 1 year 3 months to date. I have canceled out the thoughts dreams and acts of living out homosexual choices. I have been delivered from sexual sin for 2 weeks to date.

This life is a test, and my reward is in Heaven with my king Jesus whom I call best friend, protector, counselor, Father Daddy and my personal Jesus! I am led by the Holy Spirit to Help someone out there in need to hear from and pray with a God Sent Miracle. Maybe this person is in addiction or coming out. Maybe this person is a family member of a homosexual. Maybe this person just needs to hear from a man with the Joy of the Lord in his heart.

Whoever you maybe I am here with open arms and an open heart. You can find me on yahoo changedman1978. This is me you guys, I made it and I am so happy I am able to share my life with you. I will not lead you to a bad place. I am here to help for the Good of the Kingdom of God. So, in Jesus’ name be healed from crack and street drugs. Turn from your wicked ways of homosexuality. Be filled with the Joy and Peace of the Holy Spirit!


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