God Allows U-Turns

When I was about 12 years old, my friend and I went to a Christian camp for boys. The camp was one weeklong and every night a few people from our cabin would share their testimonies. As the first night went by, I didn’t volunteer to talk because I was too nervous, and I didn’t know what to say. Throughout the week, 1-2 people shared their testimonies every night. On the last night of the camp, my friend shared his testimony. The reason I didn’t share my testimony is because I didn’t have one.

The next night, after I got home from camp, I prayed to God. That night, I accepted Christ into my heart. After that, I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know how to be a Christian. I just ended up saying to myself that I was a believer.

A year later, I went to a new youth group that the same friend told me about. It was a great place to be! Everyone was so accepting and when I was there, I felt at peace with God. One night at my youth group, the youth pastor was ending his sermon for the night and said that if anyone has something going on in their life and wants to pray, they could walk to the front of the room and pray.

As I sat in my seat, in the back row, I felt God pulling at my heart, wanting me to confront him. I walked up to the front of the room, knelt down and said my prayer out loud. After that, I knelt there and prayed silently, while others slowly came up to the front and prayed. After this I considered myself, what I thought a Christian really was.

When I turned 15, I stopped going to youth group and started to do things that I really regret doing. I knew that I needed to turn my life around. I then prayed to God and recommitted my life to Christ and prayed that he would give me guidance.

I’m now 16. I want to go to church every week, but my family doesn’t understand. I pray for them and for my friends. I completetely turned my life around and it’s all thanks to God. I now have nothing to fear. If I were to die right now, I wouldn’t be afraid.


  1. Julie 7/31/2007
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