Person by Sea - Healing

Glory to God!

God bless you all. I would like to give s testimony for the glory and honour of Jesus Christ. I suffered for years with painful menstruation. Back then I thought that it was suppose to be that way. Sometimes the pain were so severe that I felt I could pass out. Since my body got use to the pain tablets I used it only relieved me from the pain occationally. One day decided to browse the web to see if there was someone whom God healed with the similar problem as mine. Praise the LORD! I found such a one. Since God has no respect of persons. What He does for others He’ll do for you. So I started to confess my healing. So when my next menstruation came I expprienced no pain. I am healed by the grace of God. Only believe all thing s are possible.


  1. Ritah 1/12/2012
  2. nancy 6/1/2012

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