Praying Girl

Glory to God!

Thank you Lord for MANYYYY things you have done.

Hello Brothers and Sisters, I am new here. I am currently a sophomore at a high school. Today was a blessedful day. I want to share a testimony. Today we had Prayer Club which my friends and I had made. My friend, Ryan brought in a guest speaker and they were humble and great. I usually go out and bring in some people that want to join for today. My other friend, Isaac( who really isnt christian and doesnt know Jesus and is gangsterish?) wanted to come.(I didnt know why he did) So I welcomed him in. And the guest speaker was pouring blessing and asked the holy spirit to touch us and move through us. And they prayed for each and every single one of us. After we ended I talked to him and he said that “i felt chills, that i was shaking.” And I was so amazed that the holy spirit has touched him. I had never expected it. I just wanted to share this wonderful news! Glory to GODDD!

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