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Giving Testimony for the First Time

Ok so I am giving my testimony for the first time tomorrow, and I figured I’d try it out here first.

I grew up in church my whole life. Yes, I’m a teenager so my life hasn’t been that long, but it’s still my whole life. I always knew God, but I never accepted him. At camp this summer I realized that something was missing in my life. I began camp with a whole in my life and left fulfilled.

Yea, I had talked to God, went to church, and most people saw me as a “Christian”. Most people think that just going to church reserves your spot in Heaven, and it doesn’t. You have to make a decision NOT in your head…. in your heart. I made my decision and have been battling my sinful desires ever since. I’ve noticed that after I committed myself to God I no longer wanted to sin. Of course, I still sin just like everyone else, but I have that feeling in my gut and in my heart saying “What did you do? You know it’s wrong!”

Even Paul sinned! No one is perfect. God has changed my life extremely. without him I wouldn’t have the courage to speak up right now and share my journey with him. Before I was saved, I had gotten in a fight with one of my best friends we fought for 8 months and didn’t talk to each other out of pure hatred. I knew that changes in my heart had to be made, so a prayed to Him and asked that he help mold me in his image… that he takes the anger, hatred, and jealousy out of me.

It didn’t happen all at once and yes, I had to put in effort. GREAT effort. I began catching myself when I talked bad about someone or even thought bad about someone. It got easier. Anyways me and this person went to church and even sat next to each other every day and didn’t say a word because of our anger.

One Sunday I was sitting in church, and something told me to go talk to her. I don’t know why I did, but I am happy I listened. She had had the same urge to talk to me and we discussed the past forgave and are now friends again. I Believe that it was God’s work and that if he hadn’t interfered that we would still hate each other.

God is amazing. He works miracles. I have found him everywhere in my life and i have followed him wherever he may lead. I am now a leader in FCA at school and actually active in my church. God is working in my life.

I still pray that God helps me shine his light on the world in every way possible. I might fall but he is always there to pick me up. My journey has just begun, and I have a lot more troubles ahead but the one person I can always count on is him! 🙂 Thanks, I just had to get my nerves out.


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