Dream Road, River, Woman

I Asked God to Give Me a Sign

One time I asked God to give me a sign or a vision or a dream, and I went to sleep. One night, I woke up and I saw everything he showed me.

I saw a highway/road and across the road went a river of living water and there was a plant that was vibrant and alive.

Suddenly I saw pile of bones lying on the road and a skull, and God showed that if I continue in sin the wages of sin is death, and the river of living water that I saw was showing that the gift of God is eternal life.

The vibrant plant I saw was like a flower of a baby tree and I couldn’t tell the difference. Then I walked around, and the sky was blue and sunny, and I saw the host of heaven before me.

God also in times past saved me from a head injury when my brother stoned me with a brick. And God showed mercy towards me when my brother impacted my skull with a hammer.

So the vision of a river is Jesus the living water and the vibrant plant means unending eternal life through God, and the highway leading wide and heavy to an end of flames of caverns leads to hell, the skull and bones represent death or a one chance in life.

One chance to repent
One chance to follow God
One chance to teach
One chance to preach
One chance to practice
One chance to find God

God is a relationship, not a religion.

I know God is devotional and loved scripture, but he walked the earth known as Jesus as God in the flesh and he wanted a relationship with all sinners.

So, my testimony is that God is faithful today, just as yesterday


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