People Sharing Christian Testimonies

Fulfilled Word

Back in high school, I used to cut class all fo the time. As a result, I had poor grades. Although I graduated on time, it was by the skin of my teeth. Mind you, I was this kid with no direction in life. All that mattered to me was fitting in with the rest of the kids. I just didn’t care about the priorities in my life until I ended up in a dark place in my life that led me to Christ (see testimony).

I had always believed in God. I grew up in church , but it was never genuine. I still lived my own way. But God always had His hand on me that would one day lead me to Him. Plus, I’ve always had praying parents despite my rebellion! One day, during a prayer meeting at church an elder (unknowingly of my situation) was used by God saying to my mother, “to not worry for your son will indeed study and he will go far”. Friends, that was over a decade ago while I was in my teens. I am almost 30 and I just graduated from Seminary with a Master’s of Divinity! Glory to God.

Not only that, but on graduation day , it fell right on the day my dad started as a pastor almost 20 years ago! I was floored when he told me that on our way to graduation. It goes to show that God indeed is at work, despite ourselves and even our sin. Sooner or later, we realize our need of Him and start to see His providence in our lives for His glory!

Right now, I’m in a new place in life post seminary, where I’m waiting for the next step, not just in waiting for a job where I can utilize my degree but also thinking about my life down the line. I don’t know how things are going to play out and I’ll admit, it’s scary. But in light of what God has already done, how much more will He do?? Our testimonies are a resource of God’s faithfulness that helps us through the hardships and fogs of life. So be encouraged by this testimony brothers and sisters, and may God’s Word be fulilled in our lives for His glory and for our good as Gospel witnesses in this dying world. Amen.