People Sharing Christian Testimonies

From Soaps to serving God

I was raised up as a child of a christian mother and a father who was an adherent of the word of faith. I think I had a typical childhood till the age of 6 years. At the age of 6 years I had my first Rape, I had largely replaced this happening till the age of 12 cuz it had happened again. I know it sounds strange but the second rape had helped me to get my memory back of my first one. My mother was both times not in shape to handle the situation and had declared the second happening as my own fault. I was shocked and deep fallen and afterwards I would say it had me more traumatized than the happening. It was the reason for my escape in a world where Soap Operas became very important and one love couple became my family. There were magic around them and they had a song called A little bit of heaven which became 17 years later my song or to be precise the song which had led me back to the Lord. I think I was 16 years where one part of the couple had left the soap and with her leaving my family were abrupt destroyed. It was hard for me to accept cuz my father had left my family in real life several weeks later and so I have decided to make a declaration of war to God. For me he was guilty for everything, for sickness, poverty, crime,Death and specially for my life.It was his fault that all the bad things had happened in my life, it was his fault that my father had left my family when I was 16, it was his fault that we were always in need for money and it was his fault that I had felt unloved.You see, for every bad moment in my life, I had accused him and I had felt good with that. On top of my Rebellion against him, I had decided to marry a guy who I didn´t love for 3 years but I had top it with a relationship to a woman for almost 5 years only in search for love which I hadn´t got from my family.So after the break up between me and that woman, I was deep fallen, because I had thought my world would be ended like couple of years before where the actrees had left the soap.These self-destructive Stations in my life had led me to my personal cross roads in September 2007. I had realized that something had to change but I didn´t know how and so I had chosen the only way which I had never taken before, since my childhood, I had started to pray?. I had told him that my life was till this point a disaster and that something has to happen, before something will happen to me. I really didn´t know what I had expected but definitely not what I had got, because after all that years of fights, declarations of Hate against him, he had answered me, not trough the bible or through another person, no through a song which had led me to someone who had given up everything only to serve God. Her story had encouraged me not to give up and to have a little Faith. Her story had led me also further to Lake Forest Church. At that moment, where I had found this church, I had known the lord had brought me home and I had recognized who he really could be in my life and what I could have, if I just make a few changes, and I had started to change my life and to accept Jesus as my personal Lord and saviour. I had cried in that night like I had never done before and I had apologized in front of God for my lavished and dishonest past. What has happened in my first year with God??.. After my turn I was so exited what God would do with me, which plans he would have. Afterwards I have to admit to myself that the time from September 2007 to January 2008 were a time of learning of Patience and Trust to him cuz he had made me so many promises which were unrealizable in my thinking. For example one promise I would visit Lake Forest next year(till that moment I had no contact with Lake forest) Since I had given up my controll over my life and had put him in the center, my life had totally changed. I came in contact with Lake Forest through dispensation, I became baptized of my church which I have found here in cologne through someone of Lake Forest and I was in Lake Forest on Novermber the 2 nd. God had kept his promise which he had given me on September the 28 th 2007, he had brought me home? Finally I have to say that my life is an amazing adventure at the moment full of discovery and Learninng and I am so exited what will happen 2009. Jesus became my best friend and there is no moment on earth that I could imagine to live without him anymore? One last wish I hope my testimony or story can also encourage someone outhere, some one like you?