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From a Sure Salary to God’s Own Hand

If someone would have told me that at one time in my life, I will live from one month to another, without knowing from where our next lot will come, so we’ll survive the next month, I would not believed them.

For years, I lived with a husband who provided for the family, working as an engineer, we did not lack, yet, I always knew from where this provision comes from. We can’t forget from where our health comes from.

In fact, every time I thanked God for the provision, he would say, “Why thank God, you should thank me, I worked for it.”

We cannot blame him, as it is written in Rom 11:25:
blindness in part is happened to Israel, until the fullness of the Gentiles be come in.

And behold, after he divorced me, I remarried, this time to a Jewish Believer, a God fearing man, praise be to God. He promised he would take care of me and he would pay the high mortgage we have.

It took, may be, a year, he was made redundant because of his faith. So now our faith was tested.

God in His grace and mercy, taught us His providence, and took care of us in a mighty way. First this walk was unknown to me, unusual, mysterious; later it became exciting knowing our Father will always take good care of us.

And if someone would tell me today, “Let us go back to the beginning, when you got your salary for “sure”, would you go back?”

I would say, “No thank you, I prefer to be under God’s umbrella all the way.”

Please read my testimony: The Tambourine.

I just wonder if it is a preparation of faith for the appearance of the Anti-Messiah [666]?

Marlene Malachi
© Mishkan Ed
marlene_cohen at hotmail dot com


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