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Freed to Eat Natural Foods the Lord has Given Us

Praise The Lord, and marvel at how our vile bodies are transformed by His Majesty.

Thought I’d share another testimony on this site after the last one. This one is a bit different. *Or so I hope. A more uncommon testimony at least*.

So just some backdrop: I found it hard, nearly impossible to eat certain foods as a child going on teen growing up till very recently. If I started eating a Banana, I’d want to just spit it right out and throw up. Or definitely mashed potato, and a good few other vegetables. To the extent were the only vegetables and fruit I would eat would just be the common stuff you’d find in a sandwich or the common toppings on a Pizza.

It was like my body just had a downright aversion to natural foods. Because that’s what I think it was. Praise be to the Lord Jesus Christ that just 2 or 3 weeks ago I managed to eat a Banana in I swear the first time in years. And weeks before that I was able to eat some nuts which I also couldn’t eat beforehand.

And likewise with other natural foods, fruits, vegetables; I’d just wanted to spit them right out. And if I continued eating the food, to force it down, I’d vomit. I’d be at a friend’s house and my friend would be wondering along with his family why I couldn’t finish eating a roast dinner.

Other times in my life I’d be a guest at somebody else’s house, and I’d cringe inwardly at hearing we were eating a roast dinner for tea. And it would be embarrassment and guilt at appearing rude when I couldn’t finish it. I would attribute it to being born into sin along with the bodies we have, plus a combination of spiritual problems. Possibly inherited down my family line.

But of course, the Lord Jesus Christ transforms our vile bodies generally, and in this one area that’s how I attribute my being able to actually eat natural foods like Bananas, potatoes and other fruits/vegetables. I mean it’s quite amazing and you’ve got to really appreciate it for what it is and marvel at it all. To marvel at how are bodies physical afflictions along with mental afflictions are transformed by God, in the body of the Lord Jesus Christ. Truly Praise the Lord.

I know it’s food and in the grand scheme of things. It may not be as big a deal being delivered from other more serious afflictions, but it’s freedom for me. And I’m obviously not complaining. It’s amazing how the Lord Jesus Christ can free people from all myriad of afflictions.

Being freed from big afflictions and in some people’s eyes smaller afflictions then others, but it’s great all the same. Anyway, a slightly shorter testimony then last time, but also one I hope is a bit different and not one people hear about very often. Thanks to all for reading. And of course, thanks and glory to The Lord Jesus Christ.

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