A Woman Prays to God the Father of Jesus Christ

I Am Now Freed from Fear

I am writing this testimony because throughout my life, I have witnessed so much of His miracles, that makes it just impossible for me not to share my experiences. God has been my greatest bodyguard, and here is one of my life experiences, which has amazingly grown my faith in Him.

I visited a specialist and he found out that I had cervical ectropion. He did pap smear and few other laboratory tests to further test whether there were any abnormal or pathogenic cells changes. I waited in anxiety for a week before the result finally came out.

My heart was pounding so fast reading the results. The pap smear showed normal result; however, I am tested positive for one of the high-risk viruses, which can cause cancer if it is undetected and stays active long enough to start causing cells changes. My specialist convinced me that it is very common thing in females and if it is monitored regularly, it would never cause any potential damage.

However, as I am a natural worrier, I started to browse the internet in search for information regarding the virus. And as I dig deeper and deeper the online database, I became more anxious and depressed. My body responded as though I was experiencing an actual threat, whether it was real or not. Online articles tend to write about the worst-case scenario that could happen to you, that is actually extremely far from reality. I raise my concern into the worst possible conclusion, with no evidence to prove its validity.

It was silly how I got knocked down by silly anticipation of the worst scenario, that is far away from reality. My thoughts had weakened me. It lowered my work performance and further lead to greater depression. I woke up every morning feeling exhausted from the poor sleeping quality, and it went on and on until more than 3 months, before I actually reminded myself that I had the wrong focus this whole time. I was reminded that I have a Father that is able to provide me with everything I ask for.

I am reminded of Him who said

“do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with My righteous right hand” (Isaiah 41:10).

I kept holding on to that, keep repeating it in my heart and in my prayer. I asked God to ease my anxiety and to take away whatever disease. He has been answering literally everything I’d asked for, and I keep it in mind that if He is my Father that can do everything, what is there in the world I could still be afraid of.

As I believed more and more in the power of prayers, I started to feel more peaceful and calm. My sleep was improved, and I performed better at work. My focus was driven away, from the disease to God. I did another lab test seven months after the first one, and I witness His grace and His miracle. The virus is no longer active, and I am freed from anxiety.

He never let the virus harm me or became something more serious. I realized it was actually a challenge in life, which at the end has grown me stronger and has strengthen my faith in Him. It was His way to show me more of His miraculous works and I am forever grateful to have God in my life.


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