Delivered from Addiction - Baptism

Freed from Drug Addiction

Hello, my name is Ariana. My testimony is about my addiction to drugs. I was using drugs. I was pregnant. I was using but when I was using, I completely was praying every day for my daughter that she would be okay. I promised myself at the end and I promised to God that I would completely stop using drugs.

And I remember that I would watch YouTube videos of people who have been saved from their addictions and that their addiction was taken away from them. And so well when I was watching that I completely looked and I was like well, I want that you. I want to be free from my addiction and so when I fell flat on my face and prayed to God to take my addiction away completely. I said it with my whole heart and I surrendered.

As soon as I went to the hospital to have my baby, she came out positive of methamphetamines. I was so scared I didn’t want them to take my daughter because this would have been my second daughter they’re taking. But I prayed and I prayed and now I’m CPS involved and today I’m 4 months clean. I’m so happy because God took away my addiction. I can tell you that I have no desire to use anymore and and I was really happy and I’m still happy because I don’t have a desire to use and today I’m just so happy and that I don’t have to use.

I also just recently got baptized and I changed my whole life around. I live for God, and I am in obedience with him. I changed my ways. I changed my mind. I changed my life I have turned around completely. From the age of 15 I started using and I’m about 32 years old today and I’m not on drugs today. I’m so happy and I don’t have to desire to use anymore. I used non-stop till I was like 22. I stayed clean for a year at one point and then relapsed and continued on but today I don’t have to use and I’m so happy for that.

I have a baby girl who’s healthy and happy and and she’s just the love of my life right now and that’s who I’m working to get back. Today my life is so much better as I’m in obedience with God. Because I’m obedient, God is fulfilling everything my heart desires and I’m doing things for God that I enjoy. I want to help people. I’m going to go back to school and just continue my life doing God’s work. Today I don’t have to use and I’m very happy that everything is possible through God no matter what.

I prayed and my addictions got lifted from my life and I don’t have to use today. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you for listening to my testimony and I hope this helps anybody who’s facing a hard time in addiction. May God help you and Jesus come and put his hand over your life and take your addictions away as he did mine. God bless you.


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