Free From Cocaine

25yrs of cocaine addiction and a dealer that moved in right next door to me. By this time I had just about had enough I was even up to seven hundred dollars in credit to that devil, so I prayed like I always did and I ask the lord to take away the desire for the drug and I ask god to just save me from feeling bad all the time and never having money. And the following month when I made that dreadful call to pay up my balance someone else answered the phone ( he never let anyone have his phone) he was in jail this person knew about the debt so I paid off half and kept half and paid off the other half the next month for the first time I had some of my own money although it wasn’t a lot man I was happy to buy pizza juice milk etc., it felt so good I just ask the lord to make my life good like today and that guy was in jail over 2 years and I have been clean for 2years with god’s love , today I am overjoyed because I saw him out of jail and moving all his stuff from next door today he will not be in my midst anymore, I have been crying and thanking the lord jesus christ all day everyday. I had not been able for 25yrs to give up drugs alcohol cigarettes and now free! Thank you jesus all praise to him. Hallelujah


  1. Alexis 5/13/2012
  2. CristoVive 7/24/2012

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