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Healing from Fracture

On the evening of 16th sep 2011, a novice car driver hit my motor bike on a converging traffic. The impact dragged me and threw me off and i rolled on the road at least thrice.

The impact was such that my head gear, spectacles, mobile phones everything splattered all along the road. On the third roll  I felt my right leg hanging loose, I guessed it is a fracture and I prayed God let this be a yet another dream or a nightmare. The pain was real. X rays taken an hour after revealed to be of compound fracture with both tibia, fibula broken and a butterfly fragment coming off from my tibia. I was administered multiple painkillers until an hour before my operation.

At this time I felt how painful it should have been for the Lord Jesus to bear so much flesh tearing whipping, dehydration, thorns hammered on His head, walking with a heavy wooden cross on an uneven hilly terrain, nails piercing through His hands dying and broken ribs. He bore all this for the salvation of people living at that time and yet to be born.

Later I realized how God protected me from any other injury especially my head, spinal, pelvis region in which case my condition would have been worst. This is my fourth week after accident, I feel the power of God flowing and healing me. I feel my bones are now joined – only a X ray would confirm, but i write this out of faith – I am healed by His stripes.



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