Clouds and Lightning

Four Different Visions/Dreams I Have Had

Hi to all my fellow brethren in Christ. I’m an 18 year old Roman Catholic boy from South Africa. This is my testimony of the various dreams/visions that I have had.

When I was around 7 years old I had a week where I had two distinct dreams.

Dream 1: the dream started weirdly. I was sort of an observer but yet I could see my body next to that of my brother (we shared a bed) but yet I was in spirit and viewing my body sleeping next to my brother. Then suddenly the room started to shake heavily like an earthquake and the bed split in half. It seemed like I was targeted as my body started to float and I tried to cry for help but my voice was muted. I was terrified as I sensed evil near me. The dream then ended and I woke up and ran to switch on the light so I could pray and then I went back to sleep

Dream 2 (same week): I believe this dream was a continuation of the first dream I had. The dream started differently this time. I was standing in front of seven demons ( bare in mind that I was 7years old this time) and I was so scared. They looked like men but I knew exactly what they truly were, demons. I rebuked them saying “go away in Jesus name!”. I said this three times but all they did was laugh. I was scared because it didn’t seem to take effect on them at all. I then cried in a loud voice “JESUS!!!!” And then the room shook and Lord behold, our Lord Jesus heard my cry and came to my rescue and suddenly I became a baby in his arms and he protected me. The demons looked upset and took out a gun and attempted to kill Jesus and I but Jesus dodged the bullets and took me to safety. The dream ended there. I think the dream showed that I was under demonic attack in my first dream and that in this second dream I confronted theses demons and overcame them via the protection of our Lord. He truly is our saviour.

Dream 3: (I was 17 when I had this dream) : I was wondering if the claims of Islam worshiping our God were true. I was also wondering if muhammad was truly a prophet or a false prophet. I prayed for God to show the truth and my prayers were answered. The dream had a beautiful setting. I saw a group of christians in a beautiful garden and they were all surrounding Jesus. Then a muslim man (Muhammad I suspect) tried to reach Jesus but Jesus sternly rejected him and told Muhammad to go away. Muhammad ended up weeping and Jesus went away with the group of believers. The dream ended there. I then realized that Islam is false and Jesus truly is the only way to heaven so now I pray for all muslims as they have been deceived by muhammad and the Quran . Pray for them too so that they may come to know Christ

Dream 4: (I was 18 at the time, happened this year) : I really started to wonder about the rapture and judgement day a lot. I then always prayed that God would show me a vision of the end of days. God heard my prayers and gave me this dream

It started in a normal setting to me. I was at the top of my street talking to some people. It was around midday and it was a fairly warm day. Then suddenly it got dark and appeared to be nighttime. I then saw lights coming up out of the ground and rising to the sky. Then I looked to the west and behold, I saw a Cross in the night sky. This cross was so bright and these lights were rising to the cross.

Then I saw the heavens open and I saw the most beautiful light come from the heavenly clouds. It then said, “it’s the day of judgement”. I then said in joy ” I believe in God!!” I then continued to look in the sky and this heavenly light started to resemble a throne with a man on it and it seemed he was the source of light. I then knew it was our Lord Jesus Christ. His glory was so overwhelming!!!

Jesus sitting on the throne, his face lit up with light, started to descend and angels surrounded him. His throne finally reached the end of my street and settled there. I was trapped in awe and joy for my God had finally come! I was now only around 200 meters away from my Lord and I was eager to meet him and be saved.

I began to run to him but it seemed like I was not gaining any ground. I then began to pray and ask God to send me an angel to carry me to Jesus for all my efforts to try run to him were all in vain. God heard my prayer and I then started to move at a super sonic like speed. However I was not moving my legs. An invisible angle was carrying me to Jesus.

However I knew that I would not reach Jesus unless I professed my faith in him. So I started to say the Nicene Creed aloud. This made me start moving even faster!!! Once I had completed the creed, I was standing in front of the Lord!!!

I saw him sitting on the throne in so much Glory! His face was radiant. He oozed light!! So much beauty!!! I was judged and granted eternal life!! I saw a smile on his face and I was filled with joy!

I then proceeded to await the new heaven and new earth. The dream ended there.

I thank God for letting me see these things and I hope to see more. I want to say to all of you who believe, that the Lord is coming soon!!! So be prepared and stay true to your faith.

God bless


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