Thinking about God's forgiveness

Forgiveness is for Real

I have to share this with you, my Christian fellows, boys and girls. I am almost a veteran in being born again of the Holy Spirit. I was under the anointing one day talking to God our Lord. I was sitting on a chair initially, and as the anointing increased, I started to slide down the chair like melting butter.

The Lord was doing all the talking at first, He was bringing up many of the good deeds and help i handed on to people, even strangers. As he was commenting and bringing the deeds one by one, I was (well I don’t know what to say or how to explain this) getting a swelled head! Being inflated! MAN, the Lord was more or less praising these deeds I did all through my past, I couldn’t believe my ears.

Then I jumped up off my chair and said to God…

“Lord what about the sins and my heaps of transgressions against you, you didn’t mention them!”

His just, loving and so forgiving answer came back and said,

“Oh! I cannot recall any of them!”

I sat back on the chair and went back to His Glorious anointing and didn’t say another word. God’s forgiveness is for real folks. And His love is for all. No matter of color, race OR RELIGION, we are all His children, He judges us by what’s in our heart, and nothing else.

He gives faith to ALL; He forgives ALL because He is the Lover of ALL LOVERS. The Holy of Holies, and never forget that Jesus was crucified while we were all sinners.

So dear reader no matter what color or creed, you are entitled for forgiveness and so is everyone else, just like me!

God Bless you all!

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