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Finally Got Filled with the HOLY Spirit!

Hey everyone, I’m hear to tell my testimony on how Jesus filled me with Rivers of Living Waters (Holy Spirit)

I got born again March of 2017. This is the day I cried out to the Lord with a broken spirit and repented of ALL my sins. The Lord broke a strong Yolk/Soul Tie that was attached me. (This was my first experience feeling the presence of the Living GOD) wow!!

But before began born again, I always said I believed in Jesus because my Grandma taught us to. Eventually started dating and thought I knew it all. I went to church on Sundays only to feel good for a couple of hours and go back into the world of SIN. I thought I was just living my life I was spiritually blind at the time (now I know). Out of the will of God I began to go deeper & deeper into sin & yes the World whipped my butt so BAD to the point where I knew I needed HELP.

Finally I called my Aunt (My personal Angel!) I knew she was a True and Real woman of GOD… long story short I started to attend her services which was held at her house Monday-Prayer Weds-Bible Study & Sunday-Church. The first night she laid hands on me and Jesus broke some yokes & chains (Hallelujah!!) I was AMAZED to find out Jesus was actually REAL. This put a running in my spirit for Jesus. It’s only been 4 months and I’ve been seeking the Lord with all My Heart I yearn for his presence all DAY LONG!

Fast Forward to being filled with the HOLY Spirit. I had fasted from 6am-7pm only drinking water. Prayer was for 7pm. I was praying that entire day to be filled with the Holy Spirit. I had read testimonies online just rejoicing over them because I wanted to be filled so bad! Now Jesus gives his Holy Spirit when he wants and however he wants. Some people receive soon after being born again.

Anyway, I know you have to Trust Jesus and really Love the lord God to receive this Gift. I knew I Loved Jesus with all my heart. So our prayers services are usually 2 hours Long, sometimes longer! We don’t mind especially when Jesus’ presence is there!

I began to pray out to the Lord asking for forgiveness, to be clean, to keep my mind etc. As everyone praying aloud to Jesus time began to make me weary . I began to ask the lord to fill me with his Holy Spirit. Remember I didn’t eat and we were already a hour in prayer and nothing happened. I still pushed my prayer through I so thirsty spiritually and naturally! I began to feel my body heat up but then it would go away.

Then my aunt got up and laid her hands on me and we began to pray on one accord. It’s like she gave me strength to keep praying. Then all of a sudden with my hand stretched out to Jesus weeping, I began to feel water like substance start from my head to my hands all the way down to my feet! The feeling is so wonderful! It literally felt like a clean pure waterfall rushing so softly over me and inside me! I began to tell Jesus that I feel water, I was overjoyed with happiness. It literally felt like I was sitting in WATER.

You guys this is really True! This happened for a few minutes. Then I began to hear Tongues in my ear, I thought I was tripping I started to say a little of it . embarrassed a little. But when my aunt heard the utterance she encouraged me to let it flow! I was literally not in this world. My eyes where shut at the moment. felt like I was in complete GLORY. I began to speak in another language!! The lord Jesus had filled me with his Holy Spirit for real!

I could not believe this was happening to little ole me. I thank the lord over a hundred times over and over again. All Glory and praise goes to Him! He is worthy! My Deliverer! My Savior! My Healer!! #BeBlessed. Love you all!


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