Raising Arms in the Air

Fear Loses to God

“But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men This is Impossible; but with God all things are possible.” Matthew Chapter 19-Verse 26

So, this is a work in progress testimony for me at the moment but I’m going to share my thoughts were I’m currently at. I would have really debilitating moments of anxiety, fear, when I would go out in public with my family from 2001 roughly onwards for no reason. It would just happen. There wouldn’t (to the best of my recollection) be a moment were something happened once, and I just associated going out again with a traumatic moment from the past generally. Although now that I think of it there could be a few come to think of it now…

Anyway, the fear would rule me for many years. I’d still go out with my family from 2001-2005, but after 2005 it collapsed to the point of not going out at all properly with my family as a whole. I’d still go places with my Mum, Dad and Brother, (but largely from 2006 to now even) I didn’t once go out somewhere with them out to dinner or anything like that.

The only notable, possibly sole exception was going on holiday in 2009 with them. In addition, the fear would dictate to me not going anywhere myself. Not even into a corner store or doctors. Or some sort of store. I don’t think I’m the type of person you’d associate with being noticeably fearful a lot of the time. I’d suffer it internally-I’d like to think I didn’t betray myself with it.

I think those around me when it would happen would be none-the-wiser. It would more often than not, be most potent when I was somewhere with large groups of people like in a cinema or a town square. It would more often than not start when I entered into an area with a large amount of people and activity. Whereas quieter places with fewer people the fear wasn’t nearly as bad or simply there at all.

Anyway, many things have changed there all thanks, Praise and Glory to The Lord Jesus Christ. I’ve managed to take a train by myself quite a fair distance away from my home. Walked into a massive building with many people in it. And even more greatly walk into a great Church in my town. And the bonus is I’ve met some great people there.

Glory to God. Because what seemed an impossible feat, that was the status quo is going- maybe even largely gone already. Just a few days ago I managed to walk into a massive supermarket store, which is something I would never have done probably even dreamed of, just a few years, heck, months back. And just today I’ve managed to walk through my town which is very busy in a reasonably-hot summer July day.

So, Hallelujah, and all Praise and glory to The Lord. That something that seemed impossible in my mind I’ve actually done, with the Lord making it possible. More crucially helping me conquer the monstrous demonic enemy known as fear in the process. Which He is continuing to help me with.

If anyone else suffers from inexplicable spontaneous fear, I hope this testimony will help. Perhaps Ask God to help you directly here if He isn’t already. God willing, I will add more testimonies on the subject on what is known as the ungodly-demonicfear and how the Lord Jesus Christ has helped me and is continuing to. Praise God.


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