Fearful Man in Dark

Fear Is a Sin!

My name is JP. I am 18 years old I was suffering from anxiety and a phobia called agoraphobia. The phobia is really hard to handle because you can’t go outside or to crowded places or I would get a panic attack. I got this illness when I was about 12 years old and had to quit my daily sport because I was so frightened that I would get a anxiety attack while I was playing sport. Yesterday I realized I can’t continue living like this so I went to my Church and the Pastor Steven prayed for me.

When he prayed, I felt like a burning sensation in my head and I became more calm. I told my brother to take me to a supermarket. Normally I would get a panic attack and ran out of the store but I was confident that God healed me and I can proudly say I was calm and took my time inside the supermarket without having any anxiety and I knew at that moment I was back to my old self.

I want To thank God for the Glory and his healing hand to save me from this fear and I want to tell people we are not alone. There is something bigger than us up there. I know sometimes it feels like God is not there because, why do we need to get this illness but its the devil trying to draw us away from our father. People the pastor also told me fear is a sin because we need to trust in God. So people begin to trust in God because that is what he wants… our trust!


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