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Father What You Expect from Me

Hi All,

I am writing this (two A4s) because I don’t get a chance to speak to some. So thought to use tech 🙂 .

Of course this testimony of mine is a long story. Hope I will be able to share the full story someday, in someway.

But it will take only 5minutes to read this now.

It’s amazing how our heavenly father speaks to his children & change. Especially a person like me. All honor and glory to him alone. He loves us more than anyone else.

I’ve been experiencing my God for the past 29years. He has blessed me abundantly with many things in my life. Gave me a loving family, best of friends & relations, best church and the best Sunday school to attend , educated me, gave a good job , gave the best life partner, gave me money to stand on my own with peace of mind , he took me to the highest level in my career. Of course many more to say too.

It is amazing how progressively he did all. Must say, well planned 🙂 . In all life’s challenges he gave me ONLY the Victory.

But this story is something different. Even though I loved my God for 29 years, I truly did not know him until June, 2010. Whaaaattttt !!!!!!!

Yes, I must tell, I did not know him.

Like many Christians I’ve been doing what is in the bible even though I’m a great sinner. Worshiping, praying, giving 10%, helping the poor, attending prayer meetings & studies, reading the bible, supporting friends & colleagues, looking after the family etc.

Of course, I was involved in few more fancy things in the corporate life too which now a days many tries to justify it with the bible.

I thought, I know God by doing all those good works & little bit of professional sin (-that’s what I call it). But I was wrong. Until June, 2010 I did not realize the gap I had with God.

I’ve been giving him What I Could Give Him. I never asked God, What He Expects From Me . Never. Because I was scared. I thought what if God calls me to do something greater for him?

But God made me to do so. It did not happened in one day. It took 5years of mind battle & finally it took 6months to come out of my ordinary Christian life.

The Change

Few months back he made me to kneel down and pray (which I was not doing for many years). Like a documentary film he showed me what happened from 1993 to 2010 in my life. I was frightened & could not understand it at all. I tried to, but then I thought it’s some imaginary thing. So I ignored but it kept on flashing.

Because it was very disturbing I just prayed and asked why I’m seeing all these.  I told God, yes I know you have done all those but why now? I am very well enjoying my life with all what you have given me & yes of course I thank and praise you, so what’s so special to see it again and again?

Then I could clearly remember I heard a voice & said Just listen, I gave everything you asked, Now it’s my time & that voice repeated Now it is my time. I truly got scared & thought, is God calling me? I felt soo scared because I knew his power very well.

I knew I can’t understand it on my own. So I asked him, Jesus what are you trying to tell me. What I should do to understand. I did not get a reply at all.

It’s strange, after few months later through a man of god, Holy Spirit guided me to read the bible more and look for the answers.

Then day and night I tried to look for answers. It was not easy at all to read the bible properly.

I realized that I haven’t asked this wonderful question.

Father what you expect from me. Why are you blessing me soo much & what is the purpose of my life.

Story continues. But let me wrap up … Because I have already taken your precious time.

Our God is wonderful as you all know. He patiently waits for his children to ask the above question.

He changed my whole life. He gave me better freedom with Joy which I cannot explain in words.

Of course I do not know what lies ahead & my future will be. But I surely know he saved me from this world. Honestly I did not have any reason to change because I thought I know my God and I am not doing anything really bad. So God will not reject me on the Judgment day.

But that’s not what our God only wants from us.  Surely in the scale you will have more weight with good things, but try to realize the Gap between you & God.

Even the people who have other beliefs do good things. So what is the difference between you & them ?

Ask our mighty God Father what you expect from me not God, this is what I can do for you. Listen to his gentle voice. He will answer. Start reading the bible with an open mind. Not the sections you most likely to see. Before opening the bible invite Holy Spirit to guide you. Do not try to understand with your knowledge.

I am sure you will experience double delight soon, in mighty name of Jesus.

May God Bless you



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