Praying Girl

Faithfulness of God and passing a Hard Exam

I grew up in Malaysia and always wanted to go into a profession where I served people. I decided to take up medicine in the Philippines. As a child I always felt disconnected from people in Malaysia and felt like I belonged elsewhere. So after graduating medicine, I sat for the Australian boards and failed the exam by a few points. I felt really discouraged that I spent so much money taking this exam and therefore, started working in the corporate world.

After two years I really felt so unfulfilled and believed that I was limiting all God wants to do with me. I then took the Malaysian medical registration board exam and passed it at the first attempt which is unheard of. This was all God and all Glory goes to Him.

I had a gap of 4 Years since graduating and still made it through this hard exam studying for only 2 months. God came through for me. I want to encourage someone today, hold on to his promises for He who began a good work in you will see it to completion.

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