Praying Girl

A Message through Our Father – Faith, Hope, Praise

For I Have Seen the Light-I AM God’s Child

This is My Testimony

Over a year has past, since I fell down the stairs crashing between the red brick pillar and the iron/steel porch swing, getting wedged in between was a painful experience.
When I was freed by a friend, I couldn’t stand up, could hardly walk, and barely climb the stairs. My back felt as if I had been wrung like a bed sheet in the laundry.
Finally using the banister and one hand, I pulled myself up the stairs, I reached for the bed I slumped down on the mattress and reached for my suitcase (As I never unpack when I go home on business-My home is in the District of Columbia, but I live and work in Florida) I come home to work 4 times a year, for about 10 days each visit. This allows me to commute to Baltimore for the training and work sessions scheduled and have an appearance at the house, so it doesn’t look forgotten. Anyway, fortunately I carry with me all of my medications, for various conditions which were prescribed by my doctor. One of the scripts I had was for a non-narcotic pain medication. Following the doctor’s orders, I took 2 and laid down for a nap.

Fast forwarding time…the back ache continued on and off, routine doctor’s visits and follow ups, I began to notice a numbness in my hips, lower back, legs and feet. It wasn’t until about 9 months ago, and the doctors prescribed physical therapy….which only made matters worse. It got to a point, where I begged my doctor for an MRI of the spine, as the standing diagnosis of sciatica was on file.

With the referral for the MRI, I scheduled and kept my appointment hoping this would give me a answer to the mystery that plagued my body. With God’s Grace, I followed His Word-The MRI results were in my “online” records about 3 days later. I pulled A copy of the record or (written report) to review. As I figured, arthritis, sciatica, was present, but to my surprise, the report noted that I had a bulging disc at L-4 and L-5 with fluid retention. I noticed the radiologist treatment recommendations which were 1) steroid injections in my back, 2) or surgery to the lumbar discs to the back.

God gave me the knowledge, wisdom and courage to confront the doctor to ask why they had not addressed the fluid build-up in my spine. This happened twice, I was advised that if I wanted to get steroid injections they could arrange this process. When I brought up the issue, if I could be subscribed something to get the swelling down, to see if it would make the pain disappear….the doctor did prescribe an oral steroid 5 day pack to take.

After taking the regimen of steroids, my back felt great. No more back pain. However, hiding behind the back pain, was another problem. I stopped being able to walk or stand for long periods, and began to use a cane.
After a week in this condition, of overall weakness, numb and tingling toes, I made an appointment to visit my doctor. THIS was the first time the doctor had actually checked my feet. The Left foot was Purple and Cool to the touch, The right foot was warm.

The doctor sent me to the emergency room at once. The orders were pre-faxed to them to rule out what he was looking for. Once I arrived in the emergency room, EVERY Thing went into a Whirl Wind. The only thing I remember about the Emergency Room, was being asked about getting a flu shot, signing some paper’s and being strapped to a gurney, rolled up on an ambulance and being prepped for EMERGENCY SURGERY. I had been given a heparin drip though an IV for what seems like hours. I was rolled into surgery at which time it appears the doctor tried to perform an Arterial Stent on an Blood clot that was logged (formed) in my Arterial Vein=Deep Vein Thrombosis.
The Arterial Stent was not successful. There was a Thrombotic Embolism In one of the Arteries in her leg. Standing between Life and Death, God Reached out and Grabbed me. He pulled me up through the thicket, and I was awaken in a room with my husband, a Blackboard and 3 Doctors standing who began to give an explanation of why I was going to need a BKA (Below the knee Amputation) or an Above the Amputation (AKA), in order to survive. There was no other way to get rid of the Arterial Embolism in my leg or the Venous Thrombus logged there.

The first try was a BKA (Below the knee amputation) with Home Health Care to assist with rehabilitation. The procedure was performed, I went from the Hospital to the Rehabilitation Hospital, to Home and Home Health Care.
Needless to say, based on a series of unfortunate events, I fell twice during my 2 week stay home and although the wound was initially healing, the stiches broke, the skin actually tore apart and infection began to set in. Dying tissue formed in the site (necrotic tissue). I was seen again by the surgeon, and it was decided that an AKA (Above the knee amputation) was Urgently necessary to keep Staff infection from getting into the bloodstream. This procedure was done on 10/26/2017.

Did I mention, my first surgery was September 5, 2017—I was Scheduled for a Airline Flight into Baltimore on September 8, 2017. If I would have taken this flight-I would have certainly died-due to the pressure of the flight itself, the altitude, speed and velocity of the plane, would have most certainly killed me. God Saved my life, my earthly life to do his will, by giving me His will to open up completely, hear His voice and receive His direction.

The Way, the Truth, and the Life-Book of John…Believe Me that I am in the Father and the Father is in Me—or at least believe because of the works themselves.  Truly, truly, I tell you, whoever believes in Me will also do the works that I am doing. He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father. And I will do whatever you ask in My name, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son…

Sister Sheila

Any help is appreciated for medical bills and supplies and equipment not covered by insurance. As employment pay has been reduced due to short term disability, and no other sources of income are available, your prayer, help and assistance is truly appreciated. Blessing to you all.


God continues to bless to and shield me with His Angels wings. This TESTIMONY IS More of a continuation of praise to Our Father. A part 2 to my story. I was unsure as this is a WordPress application, whether my article would actually be is a “publicly shared status.

My story continues after the Above the Knee Amputation on 10/26/2017. I was transferred to a Skilled Nursing Facility for continued care and treatment. The Holy Spirit shown over me, as the Facility Staff did not read the complete transition notes from the Rehabilitation Hospital in which I was originally received.

I had been placed on 4 blood pressure medications and had been on this combination cocktail to control my pressure for about 12 years, after having a bout with congestive heart failure brought on by a thyroid “storm”. It took sometime to get the correct dosage, because an intern had originally prescribed the maximum dosage for each medication, which had produced an irregular reaction…so much that once while walking down the hallway at work, I fainted.-But this is yet a different story.

The facility staff at the SNF, disregarded my blood pressure medications, All 4 medications instantly were taken from my list of medications, and I was denied these life saving medications for a period of two weeks, It took my husband bringing in proof from the Rehabilitation Hospital, of my medication history, calls to there corporate office, a conference between my husband and the administrative staff, along with the constant attention of a cardiovascular physician assistant with consult with a cardiologist, for the facility to realize there mistake. I now have an actual admission/transfer report from the rehab hospital to the skilled nursing facility, showing, the medication was to be continued. Finally someone took the initiative to READ the Admission/Transfer report.

For two weeks I went without Blood Pressure Medication. My Blood pressure irate fluctuating up and down, up and down, so much as this has left me with a IRREGULAR HEART BEAT! After two weeks of fluctuating blood pressure, the cardiologist assigned to me wrote the orders to resume my medication, one at a time and in lower doses.

When I think of what could have happened to me, the fact that I again could have died due to medical malpractice, I know that it was God, who laid HIS Hand on me, stilling my body, settling my blood pressure, so that I would not have a Stroke or Heart Attack, based on negligence. All praises up to GOD, He is ALMIGHTY, HIS LOVE ALWAYS PREVAILS, His forgiveness, Mercy and continuous Grace is ALWAYS!! I LOVE the LORD, PRAISE HIS HOLY NAME, In the name of Jesus, Amen.