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Please Help Me Keep Faith for Exams

My A level exams are coming up and due my lack of time management earlier on the year and a an all round bad exam season I feel I am not prepared at all. Its a huge disappointment to me because I was aiming for high grades to get into good unis, and at the moment I feel this can’t happen without God’s help.

My grandma (who is a born again Christian) is adamant that God has a hand over me and will get me through, and I’m trying to keep faith. But at the moment the anxiety is so bad I can barely stand it. My grandma has told me to trust in God and let him lead me to the right topics in my revision, but I’m absolutely dreading just walking in and not being able to answer any of the questions.

How can I keep faith, and not be crippled if God decides my failure in this instance is part of my fate?


  1. Ana 6/4/2018
    • lefide 6/11/2018
  2. David Robertson 6/30/2018

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