Praying Girl

Exam Didn’t Go Well

I wrote an exam today and I wasn’t happy about it because it didn’t go well. I was looking for words of encouragement and I stumbled on the testimony of a student on this site who wrote a chemistry exam that didn’t go well but he or she poured their heart to God and read bible passages. When I got home I did the exact thing… I know and I believe that when the results are out I would excel in flying colors.

I just want to encourage anyone out there that is going through anything…no matter how difficult whether its for healing, provision, success… whatever just go down on your knees and pray, worship, and prophesy into that situation using the word of God. Believe that God has done it don’t worry about the it. Instead start thanking God is advance for what he has done. You too try to do something for God, whatever you can, it can be blessing another persons life or given an offering or a tithe in church. And I pray that God answers my prayer and everyone of us.

I look forward to sharing my testimony on this site when the results are out. God bless.