Exam Testimony – How Jesus Kept Me From Failing When All Physical Hope of Success Was Lost

Firstly, I would like to apologise to God for not writing this sooner: here I go. I am writing to testify that THE LORD JESUS CHRIST is great! And for me he has done an awesome thing. LORD JESUS you passed my LPC FOR ME! What my mother could not do you have done for me, what my farther could not do you have done for me, what I myself could not do you have done for me.

Plain and simple after 5 emotional and stressful years I was going to walk away without my LPC through failure. After paying over £12,000 people I was about to walk away with nothing. I took my first exam Business Law and Practice in March 2009 which failed and have struggled to succeed since then. I worked full time, attended the library on a weekend and always felt unprepared, I had no time to study the way I needed to and was always overwhelmed.

When I say it was emotional, I felt it because I had never experienced failure like this in my life: I had failed 4 modules; totaling 2 cores and 2 electives. The worse thing was I only had two more chances to pass each of these exams. The pressure from that knowledge alone was immensely high. JESUS when I think about it I thank you. This reality paralysed me with fear for the next five years, every time it got close to a re-sit date I was paralysed with fear and I backed out.

In the academic year 2012 I decided to resist one of my electives, which I did. This one was a bit of a hard task because I did not attend a couple of workshops. So, what I did not know, through the grace of the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, JESUS CHRIST himself taught me, imagine THAT not the lecturer but JESUS. The LORD JESUS gave me an ability and understanding for these topics I had never had before (it reminds me of Daniel chapter 1, where God gave the 3 Hebrew boys an unusual aptitude for understanding every aspect of literature, and wisdom. In fact, before I study or do anything work related, I ask God for this same aptitude).

With this particular exam, there are topics that come up on every occasion, and there are some that randomly appear; so, in other words the whole topic must be prepared, which I did. But I dreamt a few days before the exam one topic in particular came up in the exam. I knew CHIRST JESUS was trying to tell me something so I promised JESUS CHRIST I would prepare that answer for the exam, which I did. I got into the exam and what was staring at me, the question CHRIST JESUS had led me to prepare an answer for. So, I answered the questions and guess what I passed by the grace of my LORD AND SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST!

You would think that with that victory I would continue, but no I was paralysed with fear again and spent the next 3 years hiding from these re-sits. That is until I could hide no more. After 5 years you cannot re-sit; the course expires. Whenever an exam would approach, I never felt prepared. There were just volumes for me to get through, and the courier of time had meant that there were new updates in the law, which meant at times I had to learn independent of tutors new concepts not taught to me before. Personal problems, a lack of self-esteem, and a lack of time meant I had little opportunities to study the way I needed to prepare for my exams.

In June of last year, I was supposed to sit one of my electives, but again through fear I chickened out. But significantly one evening whilst I was praying, I believe I heard ” lean not on your own understanding” proverbs 3:5. That word of GOD encouraged me and remained in me. Even though I was scared I knew JESUS was with me and was going to help me. I leaned not on my ability or understanding of how I was going to pass these exams, but on JESUS. But I was hopelessly scared, the physical reality was that I was about to leave empty handed after 5 years.

I had a couple of weeks before I had to sit all three exams and had little time to complete all subjects. I remember I was in the library crying because I knew I was going to fail; the task was beyond impossible and way above my ability to cope. I had even met one of my tutors who laughed because he knew what I was trying to achieve was impossible. He even asked me whether I need to do it, but I looked him in the eye and declared in my heart that by the grace of GOD “oh I will do it” I said to him.

The agents of discouragement seemed to be positioned for action; I vividly remember being in the library at one point, I had just left the study room and by chance got myself entangled in a conversation with another student. When I explained my circumstances, she began to scream in pity for me, that the whole library looked up in concern.

My fellow colleague tried to persuade me to back out and use extenuating circumstances to ask for a reprieve. I was tired of backing out, I had wasted 5 years backing out, this time I was going to face my problems head on and escape like the children of Israel did from Pharaoh and his army in the Red Sea. And I knew if I took that road, I would not be successful and I would fail all together.

At this point whilst defending my actions, I knew I could not do it, but I believed JESUS was going to do the exam for me and that’s what he did. That day in the library whilst crying I had a break down and declared I was finished. But once I stopped crying, I asked GOD what I should do, and I was encouraged by GOD I believe to read, so I continued to revise.

That same time I searched the internet for testimonies from students faced with my dilemma and behold there was a whole website dedicated to these testimonies (TESTIMONY SHARE) where JESUS had helped those who cried on him faced with a similar predicament as my own. I vowed to GOD THE GREAT I AM that if he would see me through, I would give my testimony on this website and on Facebook. That I would take down my pictures on Facebook that represented my lifestyle outside of CHRIST JESUS.

Most days I could not even revise because of fear; I was still going through personal problems at the same time, it was all too much. But one thing I will say about CHRIST JESUS, is every day and every night his HOLY SPIRIT was with me, he would comfort me especially those days I’d leave the library in fear crying until my eyes were blood shot red. At times I could not breath, the anxiety and pressure was too much, I thought I was going to die; I did not want to be a failure. But every night without fail I’d feel his presence comforting and reassuring me, so I’d wake up refreshed and revitalised ready to fight again.

One evening I came home from the library early because of a panic attack, I did not eat that night because I cried myself to sleep. I believe that night beautiful JESUS CHRIST woke me up and encouraged me to eat. This shows me just how much JESUS loves me.

And there was another moment of weakness where I was fasting for GODS help concerning another problem, I was physically and emotionally weak yet still trying to fix things. At that point GODS word in ZECHARIAH came to me: Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the Lord of hosts. (Zechariah 4:6 KJV). There are situations which require more that human strength or sometimes our strength fails and so it’s by GODS strength we need to trust in.

There is one significant thing I have learned about JESUS. JESUS is the GOD of encouragement and direction. JESUS encouraged me through my tutors. I had to meet with my tutors as this was my final attempt. The previous year I retook one of my modules and failed, I was a few marks away from passing. I sat down in my tutors office and she exclaimed

“I don’t know how you did it”.

By the grace of JESUS, I completed half the exam and almost passed, all I needed was a few more marks. I barely answered the exam questions and there were answers where clearly, I knew I did not know what I was doing. In other words what I had achieved through the grace of JESUS was impossible. It began to dawn on me, how did I do it? By the unusual ability JESUS gave me.

My tutor said no matter what I needed to complete the exam. This encouraged me to take the exam, and I was determined to finish it, if GOD could give me the grace to get almost half the marks having not completed the exam, imagine what CHIRST JESUS could do when I finished the exam. I have learned that having grace does not mean I should be lazy. GOD requires us to do our bit and he will do his. The children had to take the physical step to leave Egypt. But it was GODS grace that made them successful. GOD turned Pharaoh’s heart, parted the Red Sea and provided mana when they were hungry. God helps those who help themselves. The word of GOD In Ecclesiastes 11 says “Send your grain across the seas, and in time, profits will flow back to you.”).

I believe JESUS was showing me that he was with me and directing me by explaining through my tutors I needed to finish the exam papers. I was greatly encouraged by this. JESUS was directing me every step of the way.

FUTHER HELP AND ENCOURAGEMENT FROM JESUS: That very year JESUS placed me in a job where I could learn first-hand, I believe a topic I was studying (this was not the first time JESUS had done this either, JESUS did this with another module I believe). JESUS blessed me with a beautiful friend who encouraged me in JESUS with scriptures from the bible on a daily basis and shared her notes with me for my core subjects, which enabled me to update my notes. Every day through this encouragement I became so confident in JESUS CHRIST, I knew I would pass because he owns the world and can do anything.

JESUS blessed me with an unusual aptitude and wisdom for the subjects I was studying, which is what I prayed for everyday (Daniel, chapter one is where I got this prayer from, because JESUS blessed the three HEBREW boys with this gift). No lie, I understood concepts which were beyond my ability before, nobody taught me, but I know and believe JESUS gave me the ability to do it. Not only did I understand but JESUS gave me the ability to remember what I’d learned.

Just to reinforce the fact that JESUS was with me every step of the way, there was this particular topic that I had a burning desire to cover (I think it came up in my re-sit the year before) and guess what that topic came up in my exam. JESUS was with me every step of the way guiding me.

JESUS, I believe arranged my life so that I would be in a position to pass last year, because I know where he has promised he will take me, and I believe by his grace I will make it. The only difference is now I know my success is not for my own enjoyment, but with all of us JESUS has a purpose and plan for us the lifts him JESUS up before all creation; and I am honoured to be a vessel. It’s a burning desire of mine to be a vessel.

After five weeks of stress and agony, of constant and intense learning and revision of three major topics, it was the day before the exam. I went to church, chatted with my friends at church and had an ice cream with the children at church. I don’t believe I even revised that night, the most I did was put my folder in order. It was resolved in me that JESUS had already passed these exams for me. I believed JESUS had done it.

The next day, I got into the exam, and I froze, I don’t know why but I did, my mind went blank, and this was a subject I felt I could do blindfolded. Furthermore, a topic came up in the exam that our tutor explained possibly would not because we were tested on it previously, and it hadn’t come up in previous years. But I completed the exam, baring one question. I thought I’d failed terribly. However, I went onto my other two exams.

In one exam as I entered, I saw this guy curled up in his seat in agony and distress, but I was focused on JESUS, I just finished worshipping and I trusted in JESUS alone. By GODS leadership and grace what I had revised was on the exam, and I answered the questions as best I could. After I left the exam there was another student complaining how hard the exam was, but I was not going to allow his comments to distort my faith in JESUS. By GODS grace I got to the final exam, and I completed it in peace and in ease, as I was finishing, I said to GOD wouldn’t it be funny if I got less for this exam that I completed than the one I didn’t.

And low and behold I passed every exam by his grace but got less marks for the one I finished than the one I did not complete (it was not a tremendous lack of marks). I believe JESUS did this to show me he is GOD and so very in charge of everything that relates to me. Amen.

I completed my LPC at just the right time in my life, I am completely sold out to CHRIST JESUS by his grace, and I believe that this opportunity that he has given me in my career will be used to his glory. Amen.

The purpose of me writing this testimony is to encourage you to put your trust and hope in JESUS CHRIST ALONE! Believe me he won’t fail you. If you are not living according to his ways repent and turn back to JESUS don’t be ashamed, JESUS loves you and wants you to succeed in physical life but most importantly for you to make heaven. I believe your physical accomplishments make you a witness.

What is there in this world that JESUS would not do for you (as long as it’s in line with his will for you.) If our GOD could humble himself by leaving his throne in heaven to die upon a cross so you and I can have eternal life, think about it he saved us from hell and destruction. Tell me can he not rescue you out of your dilemma?

JESUS parted the Red Sea, and he’s the GOD that has the ability to walk on water. JESUS is still in the business of changing people’s lives, the invitation is here now, accept him by believing in him the SON OF GOD. If you have never known JESUS, then give your life to JESUS our LORD and SAVIOUR today. JESUS loves you, he did it for me and can surely without a doubt in my mind do it for you. Amen.


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