Praying Girl

Exam Testimony. Please Pray

Praise the lord. I am 21 years old, a freshman. To be honest I never really worked hard for any exams. Always reading comics or watching animated videos. When I was in first year, I had little faith in god and little true to god. I got all clear in that semester.

Then my life turned worse, from 2nd semester I began to get in arrears. Still because of god’s grace I cleared in the revaluation but there’s no change in my way of living. Then from 5th semester even in revaluation I couldn’t clear the papers. In my 8th semester I prayed to get all clear in my exam. Because of his grace upon me, I was able to graduate without backlogs. God protected me from other’s insulting words.

I still have some bad habits that I am addicted to it. Please pray for me to get out of these addictions.

Praise the lord.