People Sharing Christian Testimonies

Ex-Piro and Prison Convict

I just would like to let everybody know that Jesus saved my life on many thousands of occasions and if it were not for the lord I would be dead now. I know that the lord loves you because when I was in prison back in 1985-1992 he saved vme from hanging with a rope around my neck and I went unconcious and when I was blacked out close to death I saw a bright light that had shown before me and then he said to me that he would take me someday but that for right then at that time that it wasn’t my time to pass away. he told me that if I made things right with my familly and gave to those who are in need and loved myself that I should do my best to stay with the living and understand that life is a far better thing than what I had been thinking and feeling that it had been and to always at all times push, struggle and realize that it is not to be wasted on things such as alcohol, drugs, or bargaining and bartering with the souls of men and women. Lord, i love you for all that you have done for me and your blessings go out to all those who might beleive in your name and my you always be praised and may you always find peace, love and joy in your mind, your heart and your soul. amen!

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