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God slowed my anger towards others and made me realize the need for forgiveness.  God made me forgive those who had done evil to me.  He also made me not deny that those things were evil and He dealt with it and healed it.  God made me protect myself from the consequences of my own anger by making me forgive myself for my “failures” and “flaws” instead of seeking to condemn and punish myself.

God took away the pride that was there keeping myself from confessing a mistake and apologizing for it.  God made me not keep a record of other people’s wrongs, or remind them of things that they had done wrong in the past, or constantly bring up their mistakes and failures.  I prayed that He make me honor the truth in my relationships, speaking the truth in Love and keeping silent when the truth couldn’t be spoken gently or kindly.

He also made it possible for me not to lie about my thoughts and feelings and He also made me let others speak their thoughts as well.  I prayed that He make me persevere in my efforts to practice good relationship skills even when those efforts didn’t seem to making progress or when they were not appreciated or rewarded.  He made me patient as I learned to make wise choices, knowing that these skills did not come instantly.


  1. martina 8/14/2008
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