Ever Faithful God

Honestly, I do not know where exactly to start my story or what part of it should I say. It is a little bit complicated, but I will try to summarize it as much as I can. The ways of God truly are not the ways of man. I had always known about Christ while growing up, however I only became a devoted believer about 5 years ago, which was about when I graduated from the University.

Post graduation, I was fortunate to get a dream job with an international non-governmental organization who are involved in developmental works and the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) in West Africa. I also met and began dating a most special and wonderful Christian lady. We got engaged and everything was looking great.

The government decided to take over our project from the N.G.O., because they thought we were doing a good job. The government officials misappropriated funds and subsequently we (the workers) were not paid for several months. Life became difficult and I was not paid for eight months of work. This challenging period coincided with the scheduled time for our wedding. I was distraught and almost put off the wedding. However, God intervened, He divinely funded the wedding, and everything was just perfect.

I always had the dream to pursue a graduate education in a reputable school in the USA. I got the admission, but the huge challenge was funding, due to several months of my salary not paid. I miraculously won a scholarship immediately after my wedding. I am now living that dream, doing my masters and married to the love of my life and building a Christian family. God has been faithful in all we do. My grades have been excellent, and I have been favored in all my endeavors.

I just want you to thank God for me. This is a summary of what happened to me earlier this year, believe me it was more challenging than what I wrote. I can’t explain all that happened here but my God saw me through it all. He is ever faithful and never fails, just learn to trust and obey him.


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