Praying Girl

Enrollment in College

Can you all please please please pray for me. My name is Ashley Johnson and I just completed my first year of college at Pace University. My parents sacrificed so much for me to go to that school. They paid 28k out of pocket. This school is so expensive. Sometime this week I’m going to city college to hand them my transcript with HOPE THAT THEY’LL ACCEPT ME. & God forbid if they don’t, please pray that my loan that I’m taking out for the very first time gets APPROVED for me to continue pace again. There’s nothing more that I want than to be enrolled in one of these schools. I’ve been so stressed about this and crying and praying every single night. A prayer from some of you guys would help so much. God bless, Ashley.


  1. pietergabriel 6/17/2014
  2. kerlin 6/22/2014

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