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I Encountered a Miracle of Jesus’ Love

My name is Vachiravan Vanlaeiad. I was born in Bangkok, Thailand. My grandmother was Thai and my grandfather Chinese. My parents were separated and finally divorced when I was an infant (according to my late grandmother, my mother left me in a room, alone and unattended as a vengeance to my father because he was extremely abusive and very cruel to her). However, I was rescued by my grandmother, and was raised up and nurtured by her in a very loving plus highly protective way. I was the apple of her eye.

She always took me to a Buddhist temple to make merit and taught and urged me to pray so hard to the Buddha images placed on the altar above my bed. She repeatedly told me that in my former life I must have done many sins so, as a half-orphan, I was making repayment for them in this present life. Every time I went to the temple to give food to the monks, I, as a little girl, had bad impression: seeing and hearing the followers of the Lord Buddha gossiping and slandering each other. I then absolutely ignored my grandmother’s teachings and admonitions about doing good deeds and praying a lot to make my present and, maybe, future life better. However, my grandmother had been the center of my universe until I was 12 years old when she died.

My world fell apart when my grandmother died of cancer. I remembered crying and worrying and murmuring while pushing a cart bearing her coffin around the monastery for three times or so as the Buddhist funeral rite demands. I cried so hard, talking to myself (and maybe to God above, at that time I didn’t know Him): What should I do? Who would take care of me from now on? Who would love me as my grandmother did?

After her death, I was revenged and abused, both verbally and physically, by my relatives, especially my in-laws who had accused my grandmother of loving and caring for me much more than their kids who were also her nieces and nephews. Sometimes I was so depressed and distressed that I had to go to the backyard to talk and cry to the sky: Is there anyone above who loves and understands me? Is there someone over there who cares for me?

Sometimes I went so far as to attempt suicide but was rescued from an invisible hand! While striving in my extremely, lonely and hard life, I had a chance to complete a Bible course (by mail and free of charge). So knowledge about God was so filled my head (but not my heart) that one day I looked up to the sky talking to God (now I knew there’s someone in the sky loving and caring for me, and also hearing and listening to my cries.):

I will not go to church by myself, if you want me to go, you have to send someone to bring me there. I’m kind of very stubborn and highly self-confident.

Thank God that I was rescued again by some of my uncles who extended their hands to raise me up and gave me enough education (Bachelor’s and latterly Master’s) to maintain my life while struggling to survive in this wide world. After graduation from a university in Bangkok, I got a job. I then totally forgot the day I talked to God about going to church.

Now that I had an independent life with a degree, a job, and an attractive personality, I started to indulge myself. I had had relationships with many guys (one at a time), especially with the ones much older than me (unfortunately, they were already married!) in order to fill a hole or gap in my heart (that is my extreme yearning and longing for LOVE). I drank, I danced, and I did everything wild.

One day a Christian couple took me to a church. At that time, I immediately thought of the day I told God to bring me to church (that was 10 years ago). I then opened my heart to accept Jesus Christ as my personal Savior and Helper right there and on my first day at church. I remembered crying all the time while having been prayed over by many Christians. Even long after that I couldn’t stop crying. Since then, I have realized that nothing of this world: men, sex, alcohol, discotheque, bar, pub, etc., could never, ever fill my heart’s inner void opened (by God) since the day I was born.

My story does not end here. The following is the climax of this testimony:

During November 1995, while I was working as a secretary to two officers at World Health Organization in Nonthburi Province (a neighboring province of Bangkok), I had once more encountered Jesus’ love. This time is the sweetest experience of God’s love I have ever had, both before and since then.

Being Christian for about six years (and at the same time being self-confident, independent, and highly stubborn – I think this is a result of having very tough life), I had confronted with a big challenge in my life. At that time, I was young and inexperienced, the problem I confronted may not be that BIG to some of you. However, I never told, consulted, or asked for any help from any soul.

Wanting to test God’s love, I shut my one-room apartment door tightly (including my mouth), never seeing or being seen nor calling or being called by anyone regarding my problem. My apartment was located nearby my workplace. Every evening after coming back from work, and before going to bed, I would pray and cry, opening my whole heart out to God for help. I had cried myself to sleep every night for nearly a month, but God seemed to be absolutely silent. I was so distressed, but never once thought of giving up praying or even committing suicide.

I then changed my prayers from pleading for help from God to reproving Jesus (at that time I’m kind of willful and selfish since I almost always got what I prayed for), claiming some Bible verses and His sayings:

“Jesus, you said in the Bible you love me. You said that you love the orphans. I’m an orphan and I never turn to anybody for help, so you should help me. If you love me, why don’t you answer my prayers? Maybe you don’t love me anymore!”

I cried and prayed in this manner for another two or three weeks. Still, there’s no answer or even a small clue from God.

This time I was so disheartened and distressed that one day I had submitted my business leave to my bosses for one day leave (the next day) from work since I didn’t have a heart to go to work anymore. I had made the decision to tell someone about my problem (if God did not help me so I had to seek help from human beings) and I choose one of my friends who’s working at a church in Bangkok. On the morning of my appointment day, I woke up at about 5:30 am to prepare myself for traveling from Nonthaburi to Bangkok.

As soon as I woke up, still slumbering, I found a brand-new plastic playing card (Jack of hearts) lying on the floor nearby the foot of my twin bed (which is almost in the middle of my apartment room). At first, I was perplexed seeing a play card inside my room as I was not a gambler or even a card player, and I hated gambling! My first response was immediately picking the card up and put it on one of my bookshelves because I had to hurry up to meet with my friend in Bangkok. While taking a bath and dressing myself very quickly, I forgot everything including that card.

However, when I was on a taxi on a very long journey to my destination through heavy traffic jams during rush hours, I had more than enough time to think about the card. How come that card got into my apartment, and especially right into the middle of my room? And it’s a Jack of hearts. Moreover, a brand-new plastic Jack of hearts! Was it possible that Jack referred to Jesus and hearts His love? I had prayed so hard for nearly two months, asking for help from God and went so far as reproaching Jesus that He didn’t love me because He didn’t answer my prayers of so long a time. And was this his way of responding to my prayers that he loved me? If not, why a Jack of hearts?

However, I’d tried so hard to solve that riddle with various scientific methods, including the probability theory (someone recently told me that when you encounter with a miracle, you wouldn’t believe it at first no matter how hard you have prayed for it!). That day I saw my friend but didn’t tell her about my problem. Instead, I apologized and said goodbye to her and rushed back to my place, claiming having an urgent matter to tend to, in order to solve all my puzzles about the card.

First, the probability theory of 52 cards in one set. Someone walking pass my apartment door must drop off “unintentionally” ONE card from his set during the night I was sleeping, and that card had slipped into my place through the little space under the door, and right into the middle of my room (at the foot of my twin bed). I said “unintentionally” because not a soul (except the Holy Spirit) knew about my problem and what I had prayed for for nearly two months. But why a Jack of hearts? So the card is the probability of 52:1.

Second, how come that card could slip through the little space right into the middle of my room? My apartment was NOT air-conditioned. The landlord had provided one BIG electric ceiling fan to each room (it was installed in the middle of the room’s ceiling). I was very sensitive to hot weather, thus quickly addicted to the fan.

First thing when coming into my room, I turned on the fan and last thing I did before leaving the room was turn it off. And to make sure that each night my sleep was sweet, I must turn on the fan at level 3 (the coolest level) before going to bed. So how could someone slip that so very thin card right through under my apartment door into the middle of my room (against these highly powerful winds)?

I then proceeded with my experiment to see whether the card could slip right through to the middle of my room: I stood outside in front of my apartment door (with the door shut and the fan operating inside the room at level 3, the coolest level), and tried to slip the card through the space under the door. The card could go as far as the other side of the door with its face upside down. The card could not go as far as the middle of the room because of high wind power generated by the fan. If I slipped the card with the face on, it would be at the other side (of the door) with its face down. And vice versa (you can try this experiment at your place to prove my words).

My solutions:
This is a great miracle of Jesus, confirming His genuine and unconditional love to me who was deprived of LOVE, because:

  1. The probability of 52:1, and that card was a brand-new plastic Jack of hearts.
  2. The card was intentionally and successfully slipped through the space under the door into the middle of my room (this is not man-made, I’m 100% sure).
  3. This incident happened on the day that I was so very distraught, dismayed, distressed, discouraged, and disheartened that I had to take business leave from work, having no heart to work or do anything anymore.

However, not long after that incident God answered my prayers. He had me wait for nearly two months to teach patience to me who was so impatient and willful.

I certify that this testimony is true to my knowledge. You can contact me at my email: vvachiravan at  gmail dot com, for further proofs. Please also feel free to disseminate my testimony, for the glory of God the Father, God the Son – Jesus, and God the Holy Spirit.

May the Lord, Almighty God bless you all.


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